Your Monthly Horoscopes: January 2022

Welcome to 2022! The year begins with a new moon in practical Capricorn on the 2nd, offering a brief moment to set some grounded intentions while the rest of January is defined by Venus retrograde. The love planet started moving backwards on December 19th and won’t station direct until January 29th. This transit isn’t just about reconciling with our ex, it’s also about confronting some of our deepest intimacy and relationship issues.

Communication-wise, there’s a lot of dry wit this month as Mercury enters Aquarius on the 2nd. The communication planet also stations retrograde in the water bearer's sign on the 14th. So back up your files and expect to have the same conversation more than once.

A nourishing moment arrives on the 17th when there’s a full moon in Cancer, reminding us of life’s simple pleasures. But just as we’ve settled down for that winter’s nap, Uranus—planet of unexpected events—stations direct on the 18th, and the sun moves into Aquarius on the 19th. The sun in Aquarius stokes our individualism, allowing us all to let our freak flags fly. Happy birthday to our favorite lovable Aquarian weirdos like Paris Hilton, Harry Styles and of course, the Aquarius GOAT, Oprah.

Mars moves into Capricorn on the 24th where the action planet is exalted (aka very good at his job). Everything worth doing requires a strategy and this shift gives us the push we need to makes moves with confidence by the end of the month.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that sign may provide further insight.)

12 aries

Your ruling planet Mars is in adventurous Sagittarius through the 24th and dreams of a European getaway, finishing a stack of novels by the beach or a quick weekend trip out of the city are finally being prioritized. Solitude is also healing for you this month (and this year) so don’t worry about having to turn down social invitations to get ahead on your larger goals—especially around the 11th. Tap into that intuition and creativity! Things pick up for your goals once excitable Mars enters Capricorn on the 24th. You’re bursting with plans for projects and restructuring systems, whether at work or at home. Just be careful that you’re sharing these ideas as suggestions rather than demands.

Love Horoscope: Venus retrograde is bringing up all kinds of drama in your relationship, particularly with how you’re perceived in public as a couple. Like, why did your boyfriend just introduce you as his friend to his bud in line for coffee last week? Both of you are hustling hard this month, but a frank conversation about how to move forward without hurting more feelings is necessary on the 8th.

Money Horoscope: Uranus—planet of the unexpected—stations direct in your money sector on the 18th. Your favorite freelance client is back in your inbox and your holiday gift refunds finally come through. Focus some of your energy on brainstorming even more creative ways to earn.

1 taurus

January is all about pushing yourself to explore your big dreams when you’d rather stay in the cozy embrace of the familiar. Your ruling planet Venus is retrograde through the 29th in your travel and higher learning sector. The world is your oyster right now but the problem is that you don’t know which path to choose. Venus meets the sun on the 8th leading to a breakthrough re: which journeys are worth taking. If you still feel overwhelmed, a long chat with your sister or BFF on the 17th (a lovely full moon in Cancer) is a solid pick me up. Returning to therapy or a spiritual practice also brings you great comfort this month.

Love Horoscope: Both you and your partner—spouse, work-wife or simply the Thelma to your Louise—are going through huge changes right now, both internally and externally. Through the 24th, while Mars is in Sagittarius, heavy conversations are a constant. How can you support each other through transformation rather than getting in each other’s way?

Money Horoscope: Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th causing constant delays in compensation for you. Whether it’s a payroll error at work or a delay in unemployment benefits, you might have to dip into an emergency fund to cover some bills. Once Mercury retrogrades back into Capricorn on the 25th, you have an easier time getting in touch with the people who can fix the issue, though remain patient as things may not be fully resolved until Mercury stations direct early next month.

2 gemini

More than anyone, you’re starting 2022 with very clear goals. Now you just need to figure out the plan to turn your dreams into a reality. Venus retrograde (through the 29th) has you stressing about making ends meet, both emotionally and financially. But Mercury—your ruling planet—enters Aquarius on the 2nd, allowing you to think outside the box to find a solution. Mercury then stations retrograde on the 14th allowing you to pause and rework some of your more outlandish ideas. Let’s be real: Can you really take three weeks off of work or childcare for a meditation retreat in the Pacific Northwest? No. But you can probably find something just as exciting closer to home.

Love Horoscope: After two years of feeling like love just wasn’t in the cards, you get your groove back this month. Yes, your boyfriend is finally asking you about shopping for a ring! If you’re single, you might attract someone who you previously thought was out of your league—or too young for you!—particularly on the 3rd when Jupiter squares the nodes of fate. Be the cougar you wish to see in the world!

Money Horoscope: A big part of realizing your dreams is getting the funds. Most of the month you’re buried in loan applications, accountant meetings or tedious arguments with your partner about your shared budget, especially on the 2nd, 8th and 29th. You get some good news at the full moon in Cancer on the 17th when a family member or friend is able to provide some financial relief.

3 cancer

January is the perfect month for you to get out of a grind mindset and lean into your natural lunar rhythms. Your energy is low at the top of the month with the moon in its dark phase. Relax and don’t push yourself to get anything done. Your stamina slowly builds throughout the month, peaking at the full moon in your sign on the 17th. This is a lovely moment to make a big announcement or put a project out into the world. Your friends and community are more than happy to give you feedback and support. As the moon wanes through the end of the month, you can wade through the responses and figure out your next steps. Never apologize for sharing what excites you.

Love Horoscope: January is for facing relationship issues that have been a constant since at least December 2017 (if not since 2008). The new moon in Capricorn on the 2nd helps you get back on the same page with your partner or if you’re single, to finally let go of an old love. With Venus retrograde through the 29th, you’re healing these connections to find more intimacy in the future.

Money Horoscope: Mercury goes retrograde in your shared resources sector on the 14th, giving you an opportunity to refinance a loan or consolidate your debt. Meanwhile, Mars is in your health sector tempting you to sign up for expensive boutique fitness classes. The splurge is worth it if it gets you excited to move again.

4 leo

Capricorn season is for getting back on track, Leo! Venus has been retrograde in your daily grind sector since December 19th, making what doesn’t work in your routine very clear. The new moon in Capricorn on the 2nd is an opportunity to take the reins of your fitness regimen, preschool drop off schedule and skincare routine. It’s also a perfect moment to begin a daily meditation or journaling practice. Discipline has a ripple effect and these tiny changes improve every other facet of your life. Once the sun moves into Aquarius on the 21st, you’re much more focused on helping everyone else with their problems. Get on top of your own life while you still can!

Love Horoscope: Mercury goes retrograde in your partnership sector on the 14th, making that important conversation about where your relationship stands unavoidable. That said, miscommunications are almost guaranteed at this time, so be patient as you share your difficulties and work on a solution. If you’re single, this same transit could put you back in touch with an ex.

Money Horoscope: Though your personal money remains stable throughout the month, you may have to help your kid or a close friend out of debt with Mercury going retrograde on the 14th. As Mercury meets Pluto on the 28th, you realize how much this loan has transformed the power dynamics in your relationship. Is it worth being generous when you’re being met with resentment?

5 virgo

2022 starts off very busy—just the way you like it! Your ruling planet Mercury enters your daily grind sector on the 2nd and whether you’re starting a new job or a home improvement project, you’re thrilled to have a distraction from other problems. This bliss only lasts so long though because Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th, slowing down your assignments and asking you to reflect on whether you’re really happy with your current routines. At the full moon in Cancer on the 17th, connect with friends and get their opinion on how to structure your days. Yes, sometimes it’s good to take other people’s advice!

Love Horoscope: Relationships are taking up more of your focus this year with Jupiter, planet of expansion, lighting up your partnership sector until May. But Venus is also retrograde through the 29th, bringing up hurt feelings from romances in the past. How can you move on from these bad experiences to get the love you need in the present?

Money Horoscope: With irritable Mars in your home and privacy sector through the 24th, your basic necessities are turning into a money pit. The refrigerator is running, your bed frame needs to be replaced and all of your bath products keep giving you hives. This peaks on the 11th when Mars clashes with confusing Neptune. Thankfully you kept up that emergency fund last year to cover everything that needs to be replaced.

6 libra

Your ruling planet Venus is retrograde through the 29th, dredging up all kinds of ghosts from your past. The new moon in Capricorn on the 2nd is less of a fresh start for you and more of an opportunity to work through the family secrets that were unearthed over the holidays. When Venus meets the sun on the 8th, you’re finally ready to forgive. Trust that you’re facing this so you can heal. On a happier note, the full moon in Cancer on the 17th brings positive news for your career and public image. Whether you’re landing your dream job or announcing your retirement, you’re finally being celebrated for all of your hard work.

Love Horoscope: With action-oriented Mars in your communication sector through the 24th, you’re feeling even flirtier than usual. Then, Mercury goes retrograde in your romance sector on the 14th inviting you to try a new dating approach. Why not ask that cute neighbor to get a drink? Love is more accessible than you think.

Money Horoscope: Uranus—planet of sudden change—stations direct in your debt sector on the 18th. If you’ve been struggling to pay off your holiday credit card bill, an unexpected gig or financial windfall presents itself to cover what you owe. Freelance clients and/or conversations with your boss about a promotion which stalled in August also pick up at this time.

7 scorpio

Though your default setting is an air of mystery, your ruling planet Mars is in effervescent Sagittarius through the 24th, inspiring you to let your guard down. January is your month for taking yourself less seriously. Embrace your inner cringe! Crack those jokes! Sing Celine Dion at karaoke! The full moon in Cancer on the 17th pulls you out of an all-laughs mindset when you have to make a big decision about travel or going back to school. Once Mars moves into pragmatic Capricorn on the 24th, things take a turn for the serious, so work through your wildest impulses before then.

Love Horoscope: January is more about solidifying your friend group than it is about finding a lover. With Venus still retrograde in your communication sector through the 29th, you’re getting exhausted with the power plays in your group chat. As Venus meets the sun on the 8th, you find a moment to click “Leave Conversation” and never look back.

Money Horoscope: Mars is in your money sector through the 24th which means you’re earning tons of cash but spending it almost as quickly as it hits your account. You’re especially prone to making questionable purchases on the 11th when the action planet squares off with hazy Neptune. Yes, it’s important to spend money on things that make you happy, but remember to think of the future and put some of it away.

8 sagittarius

Now that your ruling planet Jupiter is back in his other home sign of Pisces, you’re focused on expanding and improving your living space. Your daughter’s bedroom is getting a makeover, the garage is being converted into a home gym and you’re finally buying the proper accoutrements for your home office instead of working from a lap desk in bed. The only catch is…when did furniture get this expensive? Watch out for a twist of fate on the 3rd when the sectional you’ve been eyeing finally goes on sale. Venus retrograde (through the 29th) has you hellbent on frugality, but who can resist a good deal?

Love Horoscope: You may find yourself dipping into the archives to find a date with both Venus and Mercury retrograde this month. Sure, you’re not desperate enough to go back to your ex but you might be in the mood to hit up one of his friends. If you’ve already gotten what you need from everyone in the past, both the 14th and 23rd are ideal times to re-download the apps and see what else is out there.

Money Horoscope: The new moon in Capricorn on the 2nd eases up some of the money stress that’s been hanging over your head since Venus stationed retrograde on December 19th. You had enough to cover your holiday bills after all! Get in touch with your accountant to get ahead on the tax game. The sooner you get your refund the better this year.


January begins with a new moon in your sign on the 2nd. This lunation allows you to leave all the hang ups from last year behind and start fresh. Meanwhile though, Venus is still retrograde in your sign, causing all kinds of fashion and self-care crises. Do those boots still work with your new vibe? Is it time to switch to a higher strength retinol? Keep calm and try not to do anything too drastic to your appearance (that means no semi-permanent hair dye!) until the 29th when Venus stations direct.

Love Horoscope: You’re thinking so much about yourself this month that you’re barely giving any thought to relationships. But the full moon in Cancer on the 17th lights up your partnership sector so plan for a cozy date night at home. Why go out of your way to impress anyone? Enjoy a fancy dinner from the comfort of your couch.

Money Horoscope: For you, like 2020 and 2021, this is another year of thriftiness and no spend challenges. It’s difficult to resist all those cute clothes popping up on your Instagram feed but you’ll be thankful to have a nest egg in the future. That being said, when Mercury goes retrograde in your finance sector on the 14th, you have some time to review investments and shift around some funds. You may have more cash on hand than you previously realized.

10 aquarius

The new moon in Capricorn on the 2nd falls in your unconscious sector, making it an ideal time to retreat and detox after the holiday chaos. But with Mercury entering your sign on the same day, you’re also feeling incredibly chatty. Instead of talking out all your ideas, why not write them down instead? Once Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th, you can review your thoughts and see what’s worth sharing with others. Just before your season begins, the full moon in Cancer on the 17th has you on a cleaning spree. You might as well make sure the house is spotless before you break the solitude with a low-key party at home for your birthday.

Love Horoscope: With love planet Venus retrograde through the 29th, it’s best to stay out of the dating game and focus on yourself. If you insist on making plans with your Hinge match, go in with very low expectations. Though this person suits your needs now, he probably isn’t suitable for the long-term.

Money Horoscope: Jupiter is back home in Pisces bringing many blessings to the financial part of your chart. If you’re in the midst of a job hunt, opportunities are popping up everywhere. People are also more than willing to treat you this month if you’re unable to work or still feeling broke. Accept the kindness.

11 pisces

January is for getting back on track after a year of burnout and isolation. Your ruling planet Jupiter is in your sign making you feel refreshingly optimistic. The big question is: now that you’re feeling more like yourself, who’s going to be your support system? The new moon in Capricorn on the 2nd is a lovely opportunity to network, volunteer in the community and make some new friends along the way. Meanwhile, Venus is retrograde in your friendship sector until the 29th, bringing lots of people from your past out of the woodwork. Before you schedule a million catch-up dates with old acquaintances, consider whether you’re better off leaving those relationships behind.

Love Horoscope: The full moon in Cancer on the 17th is your chance to put yourself out there for romance. You’re effortlessly attractive this month, so just sit back and let your crushes come to you. After years of feeling less than, you’re discovering that the secret to finding love is just being yourself.

Money Horoscope: Mars is in your public image sector through the 24th making you feel obligated to keep up with the spending habits of the people around you. Everyone else seems to be flaunting their wealth so why shouldn’t you? That said, if you must look outside yourself for satisfaction, your energy is better spent seeking advice from a financial expert about saving for retirement or utilizing your benefits.

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