These 5 Influencers Added Lipton Green Tea to Their Daily Wellness Routine—Here’s What Happened

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We’re all for spontaneity, but when it comes to our daily lives, we relish a good routine: morning meditations, our Wednesday Pilates class, Taco Tuesdays (kidding…kind of). Whatever your routine, maintaining it can reduce stress and help us build healthy habits. Sometimes, though, we need a little self-care inspiration and that’s where social media comes in. (Because watching someone else go through their days is just so satisfying, amiright?) It’s also why we partnered with five influencers from all walks of life to try out this new tip: Drinking two cups of Lipton Green Tea a day is an easy way to help support a balanced wellness routine. Here’s how it went.

1. They Fell in Love with the Flavor

Shelby is all about incorporating healthy habits into her routine that are “small, simple and realistic.” Like running a mile every day, spending 30 minutes outside and drinking two cups of Lipton Green Tea—one hot in the morning, one cold in the afternoon. She’s specifically fond of the Peach variety (there’s also LemonHoney Ginger and Original): “I love the flavor, love how it makes me feel and love that I’m doing something to improve my health.

2. They Added It to Their “Two-a-Days” Routine

As an athlete, Trey is a fan of two-a-days, aka challenging your body by working out twice a day. However, he’s also making two-a-days easier—and more delicious—by drinking his two cups of Lipton Green Tea. He even journals (another healthy habit!) about how two cups provides approximately the same amount of flavonoids as eating 20 pounds of cooked broccoli. His take? “Whether it’s the number of cups of tea or the number of workouts, if you haven’t tried two-a-days, you gotta get on it and watch how it improves your wellness.”

3. They Were Impressed with the Dietary Perks

Fitness coach Taliyah has been drinking two cups of Lipton Green Tea every day for the past couple of weeks and schools us on why flavonoids are so important for a well-rounded wellness routine: These naturally occurring bioactives are found in tea, vegetables and fruit and are an important part of any diet. She drinks one cup before her morning workout and another as an afternoon treat. 

4. They Revamped Their Mornings

Pilates enthusiast Sivan shares her morning routine: Lipton Green Tea and taking a moment to set her intentions for the day. Not only does she love it for the flavonoids and positive effect on her daily routine, but she also says that out of all the green teas out there, Lipton tastes the best. We’d have to agree.

5. They Dubbed It Their “Bev of Choice”

Miami realtor Samantha is all about having “healthy, but not too annoyingly healthy” eating habits, which includes pasta leftovers, veggies, filet mignon and two cups of “refreshing” Lipton Green Tea for a 3 p.m. pick-me-up.

Inspired to update your own wellness routine? As you can see, drinking your daily tea is the perfect place to start.

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