Did You Know: 2 Cups of Lipton’s New Green Tea Is an Easy Way to Revamp Your Wellness Routine

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When it comes to self-care, it’s personal. From workout classes to spa days to journaling, there are plenty of ways to get your wellness on. And while we love ‘em all, we might have a new favorite, just in time for the summer season: The fact that drinking two cups of Lipton Green Tea a day is an easy—and delicious—way to up your healthy habits. Read on to find out why. (Insert “spilling the tea” joke here.)

The Benefits:

You know it, you love it. But you might not be aware that green tea contains flavonoids, which are naturally occurring bioactives found in tea, vegetables and fruit. And good news: Lipton’s newest line of green teas are a great way of getting these flavonoids in your diet. In fact, two cups of Lipton Green Tea a day can help support health by providing approximately the same amount of flavonoids as eating eight cups of raw kale—or eating 20 pounds of cooked broccoli if that’s more your speed. We’ll stick with the tea, TYVM.

The Tea:

Lipton has four new, equally enticing, options in their revamped green tea line:

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Lipton Signature Blend Green Tea


  • This original blend is balanced with a hint of jasmine green tea to deliver a delicate floral fragrance and a smooth, refreshing, easy to sip taste.
  • It contains 100 mg of flavonoids per 8-ounce cup.

Lemon, Peach & Honey Ginger Green Tea:

  • For more of a fresh fruit-inspired vibe, each of the Lemon, Honey Ginger and Peach blends are crafted with a signature green tea base and blended with ingredients to impart the taste of real squeezed fruit.
  • They contain 75 mg of flavonoids per 8-ounce cup.

You can enjoy all flavors hot and iced, naturally. For a cup of hot tea, use 8 fluid ounces of boiled water infused for four minutes. If making a cold pitcher—perfect for summertime—use four teabags in 16 fluid ounces of boiled water, infuse for four minutes, and add ice to enjoy. (The four-minute brew time is required to deliver those aforementioned flavonoid levels.)

So when it comes to self-care routines this season, you heard it here first: Summertime is tea time.

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