5 Exercises for Saggy Arms You Can Do at Home

Dust off your tank tops

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We’d be lying if we didn’t say we have a few body hang-ups. Nothing major, just little points of annoyance that we can never seem to remedy. Topping that list? The back of our arms, which somehow seems to be the bane of most ladies’ existence. Here are five moves you can do--no sweat.

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Arm Circles

Exactly what they sound like--and way harder than you think. Stand up straight and extend your arms to the sides so your body looks like a "T." Make small, controlled circles for 30 seconds. Then reverse the direction for 30 seconds. If you’re feeling extra daring, hold light weights like three-pound dumbbells or even two full water bottles.

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Overhead Tricep Extensions

An oldie but a goodie: Hold a weight straight overhead and tuck your tailbone underneath you so your back isn’t arched and your butt isn’t pushed out. Keep your elbows glued to the sides of your head and engage your core as you bend your arms behind your back so the weights touch the top of your back. Repeat for as many reps as it takes for you to start cursing the existence of tank tops.

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Walkouts With Shoulder Taps 

This one’s somewhere between a burpee and a plank. Stand with your feet hip’s width apart. Reach down to the floor and slowly walk your hands out to a plank position. Once in a plank, lift your right hand (keeping your core stable) and tap your left shoulder. Place your right hand back on the ground and repeat with your left hand and right shoulder. (These force your arm muscles to support all your weight with half the power.) Then walk your hands back toward your feet and stand up straight. Repeat.

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The "Superman"

Step 1: Channel your inner caped crusader. Step 2: Lay down flat on your stomach with your arms stretched above your head. Simultaneously lift your arms, chest and legs off the ground. Hold for a slow two count, then release to the floor and repeat. In addition to working your whole entire body (mostly your upper arms and back), this move is a great chest-opening stretch that actually feels really good. 

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Modified Triangle Push-Ups

We know, we know: Push-ups are the worst, but hear us out. Start in a modified plank position (knees on the ground, core level). Place your hands directly under your chest, with thumbs and index fingers touching, creating a triangle (or Jay Z’s “Hov Hands”). Lower your chest to an inch or two off the ground, and push back up. If you're feeling extra powerful, try hammering out a few as regular push-ups, knees off the ground. 

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