How to Feel Better Right This Second Using Essential Oils

Smell your blues, headaches and worries away

Feeling worried, sleepy, bummed or grumpy? Take a deep breath. Next time you’re at your local healthy-foods market, buy a vial of one of these essential oils and stash it in your bag. A quick sniff or rub of it can change your mood immediately. What have you got to lose, except the approximately 999 pounds on your shoulders?

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Feeling Worried?
You know that pungent citrusy scent that leaves you remembering just how great your massage was? That’s lemongrass. When you’re feeling anxious, put a couple drops onto your fingertips, rub your hands together vigorously to release the scent and then cup your hands over your face for three super-deep inhale-exhales. (Just maybe not while driving.)

Try: doTerra Lemongrass Oil ($13) 

Kind of Depressed?
Bergamot is your answer. This citrus has a lemon-meets-orange scent that is both uplifting and calming. It may cause photosensitivity, so put a few drops into a little spray bottle of purified water and then spritz the air in front of you and inhale deeply.

Try: Young Living Bergamot Oil ($36)

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Suffering from Headaches?
Maybe it’s those fluorescent lights. Or perhaps it was that final round of margaritas last night. Take a couple whiffs of your lemony-balsamic-smelling frankincense and feel better. You can also just put some in a glam ceramic diffuser and leave it on your desk, you know, to help the other cranky-pants around you.

Try: Piping Rock Frankincense Oil ($4) 

Or Maybe Nausea?
Ugh, too many servings of pumpkin cheesecake. You need ginger to feel less queasy. Open your roll-on tube, inhale the sweet, spicy and warm scent, and then rub the oil on your tummy, where it hurts.

Try: Edens Garden Ginger Essential Oil ($9)

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Too Sleepy?
Peppermint oil gives you that alert feeling without the jitters you get from caffeine. We recommend keeping a little vial of it in your desk drawer and taking a couple of inhales (like from this cool lipstick-sized inhaler) about a half an hour after you eat lunch, to help avoid that sinking feeling.

Try: Aura Cacia Peppermint Oil ($4)

Are Your Muscles Sore?
The herbaceous scent (and muscle-relaxing properties) of rosemary are what you need. Get a little roller-topped bottle and fill it with half rosemary oil and half a neutral carrier oil (such as lightweight sweet almond oil). Roll it on to the tight muscle area, give yourself a quick self-massage and ahh... relief.

Try: Rosemary Essential Oil ($7)

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