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Packing the perfect bag does require a little planning, but the comfort and confidence you get out of it makes it so worth the effort. These eight things will keep you charged, fresh-faced and prepared for whatever opportunities the day brings. Here’s our list of essentials to keep you hydrated, plugged-in and, of course, chic. 

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Listening to music during your workout or watching videos during your Coffee Bean break: It’s all easier if you’ve got state-of-the-art wireless connectivity.

Beats x ($150)

No-Sweat Water Bottle

Remember: Every time you drink from plastic bottles, you’re personally strangling a baby seal. (Not really, but opt for a reusable vessel, OK?)

S’well ($42)


The 101 is creeping. Or maybe you’re obsessing over romance and finance. Whatever the stressor, a deep inhale of this roll-on calming jojoba-and-citrus essential oil as you rub it into your palms will unfurrow your brow.

Aromatic Irritability Treatment ($65)

Money 728x524

Dollar Bills and Quarters

The one time you’ll really be in a hurry, you’ll pull up to a valet that doesn’t accept digital payments or a meter that doesn’t take your card. Think of a couple bills and a few quarters as your investment in easy parking.


Phone Charger

Sixty percent more battery time sounds good, especially if your Pokémon Go or Pinterest habits are sucking the life out of your phone.

Mophie ($60)

Multipurpose Moisturizer

This cult moisturizer is bananas-effective for everything: dry cheeks, chapped lips, ragged cuticles and flyaway ends. That’s because it’s like a farm distilled into a jar, with ingredients including olive oil, beeswax and royal jelly.

Egyptian Magic ($15)

Lightweight SPF Foundation

By midday, do you sometimes look like you need a nap, or a drink, or a friend? Not after you slather on this lightweight SPF 15 skin tint that also plumps out your wrinkles, covers redness and brightens a dull complexion. Best of all, it’s so blendable, you can put it on without looking in a mirror (i.e. just before getting out of the car).

Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint ($56)

Breath Freshener

Business meetings or makeout sessions?you never know what the afternoon may bring. Be ready for either by sucking on a mint (freshens your mouth right away) and swallowing a peppermint-parsley gel cap (keeps your breath sweet long-term).

Eatwhatever (3 packs, $8)

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