Here’s Everything New York Pilates’ Heather Andersen Eats in a Day to Look (and Feel) Incredible

Heather Andersen is the founder and owner of New York Pilates. Between teaching classes and owning her own business, she’s one busy woman. But if you think that means getting lazy, food-wise, think again. From breakfast salads to natural wines, here’s everything she eats in a day to be able to do this, this and even this.

8:00 A.m.

“The first thing I have in the morning is always coffee. I love all our neighborhood coffee shops, like Café Grumpy, Gimme! Coffee and Cafe Integral, but my absolute favorite is Caffe Vita. I keep two bags of their dark roasted beans and lightly salted Peruvian coffee beans in our cupboard at all times. I've found that a healthy amount of good fats work really well for my body, so I take my coffee with cream, and will sometimes mix in collagen powder.”

woman slicing an avocado
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10:00 A.m.

“One of my favorite breakfasts is a ‘breakfast salad,’ which is so simple and delicious. I make a bed of baby lettuces and micro greens, add avocado and if I feel like I need some protein, I'll add two eggs over easy with a little salt to taste. I've also been making grain-free olive oil cakes using almond flour. I bake a dozen on Sunday night to have as a quick grab-and-go breakfast or midday snack throughout the week.”

bowl of hummus with carrots
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“I need a snack around noon. If I'm not having an olive oil cake, I'll go for carrots and hummus. My dog Hazel will usually help herself to some of the carrots, too.”

spaghetti squash
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2:00 P.m.

“I'm obsessed with plant-based dishes inspired by noodles. I’m on mission right now to not order takeout, so my husband has been cooking vegetable-based pasta dishes lately. Lunch is either spaghetti squash lasagna with cheese or a cabbage pad Thai, made with peanuts, peanut oil and soy sauce. We’ll pack those up and bring them to the office in reusable Bento containers.”

3:00 P.m.

“When I need some energy in the afternoon, I'll get a matcha from MatchaBar.”

bowl of mushrooms
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8:00 P.m.

“We’re normally in the office pretty late, but try to get home for dinner at a reasonable time. Lately I've been craving riced mushrooms cooked with garlic and onions and served over fresh arugula. Riced mushrooms are easy to make at home using a cheese grater—just grate the mushrooms until they resemble the texture of rice. Sometimes we have a glass of natural red wine with dinner. Lately we've been drinking Metamorphika from Wine Therapy—they have the best selection. Then I love to finish my day with something sweet, so I'll usually have some berries with cream or a little bit of dark chocolate after dinner, along with a relaxing cup of Calli tea.”

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