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You made it to the gym--congrats! All that’s left to do now (besides, you know, working out) is to make sure you’re not guilty of one of these 14 universally annoying things that will do the opposite of endear you to fellow gym-goers. 

gym habits elaine

1. Hovering over people while waiting for their machine.
This is not a parking lot. You’re being creepy.

2. Hogging machines.
That said, sharing is caring. Also, RHONY is only an hour long anyway. 

3. Taking the machine directly next to someone when there are lines of machines open.
Think like a man and implement urinal rules.

gym habits staring1

4. Staring--at anyone.
We’ve sufficiently covered all “don’t be a creep” points, yes?

5. Grunting aggressively.
You’re not Serena. And this is not a 140 mph serve.

workout things music

6. Playing your music too loud.
Especially if it’s Nickelback.

7. Singing along to your music.
Even if it’s the Hamilton soundtrack.

gym habits race

8. Competing with the person next to you.
Thou shalt not stare at another woman’s speed and incline.

9. Offering unsolicited advice.
Not looking to reenact the Ghost scene while you show us how to squat. Thanks.

10. Talking to your friends during group classes.
If you’re comfortable enough to analyze texts from that guy at the bar, you're not working hard enough.

gym habits selfie

11. Taking nonstop selfies.
Last we checked, this isn’t Tinder.

12. Not putting away the weights.
Last we checked, this isn’t your living room.

13. Not wiping down equipment after you use it.
Ew? And NO.

gym habits naked

14. Being too naked in the locker room.
Look, we’re all about body positivity, but does every single step of your getting-ready routine have to be done in a birthday suit? Q-tipping your ears can be done in a bra. 

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