Does Oil Pulling Really Work? We Tried the Viral GuruNanda Coconut Oil to See What the Hype Was About

Is it *really* worth the money?

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If you’ve been scolded at the dentist for the millionth time—we’re flossing (sometimes), we promise—you’re going to want to listen up. One of the latest viral TikTok trends claims to reduce oral bacteria, whiten teeth, alleviate dry mouth and boost overall gum health, and it only requires one ingredient: coconut oil. 

On this episode of Take My Money, host Kate Kesselman tests out the GuruNanda Coconut Oil ($16; $15) by swishing the oil around her mouth for 10 minutes to see if it really works for her. Check out the video below to see her honest review. 

At the start of the episode (see above), Kesselman jumps right into Oil Pulling 101. “Oil pulling is basically placing coconut oil in your mouth, [then] it melts due to the heat of your mouth and you swish it around almost like mouthwash,” she explains.

While oil pulling has completely taken over TikTok, Kesselman does advise viewers to proceed with caution. “You have to be careful when doing this if you have TMJ (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction) or other jaw problems because the swishing motion can hurt your jaw.”

Another helpful tip: After using the GuruNanda Coconut Oil Pulling or any oil-pulling product, it is recommended to spit it into your trash can as opposed to your sink because the oil can clog your drain.

Does the viral GuruNanda Coconut Oil Pulling live up to her expectations? Watch the episode above to hear her personal thoughts on the product (which is on sale on Amazon right now). 

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GuruNanda Oil Pulling CAT

GuruNanda Coconut Oil Pulling

  • Claims to deep clean the mouth
  • Claims to help promote oral bone health
  • Claims to support fresh breath

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