Breaking News: Goat Yoga Is a Thing That Exists
Lainey Morse/No Regrets Farm

You’re at the yoga studio, doing a sun salutation and practicing some pranayama breathing, when all of a sudden, it hits you: This class would be way better with goats. 

OK, that’s probably never happened. But Lainey Morse, the owner of No Regrets Farm in Oregon, is hosting Goat Yoga classes, and they’ve become a huge hit. Yep, it’s basically a traditional yoga class, but with a bunch of goats hanging around watching you (and possibly chewing on your hair).

Why the heck would you want to do this? Morse says the goats act as therapy animals, creating a calming, loving environment for the class. Having trouble with that crow pose? Pet a goat. Want to stretch a little further in warrior stance? Let a goat nuzzle up to your leg. Plus, the goats (who need no help jumping and flexing into all sorts of wacky positions) get to have fun watching you try to bend yourself into a pretzel.

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