The 5 Items Wellness Guru Gabby Bernstein Can't Live Without

Hint: It involves protein

The first time we were introduced to wellness guru, best-selling author and motivational speaker Gabby Bernstein, we were at an NYC café in 2017 holding a book cover of a girl riding a skateboard with angel wings, encouraging us to "add more ing" to our lives. (Spoiler alert: that girl was Gabby). Today, we know Gabby Bernstein as a wellness expert, personal growth leader, best-selling author and the host of the Dear Gabby podcast. She’s even been named a “next generation thought leader” by Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, and a “new role model” by the New York Times. Naturally, we couldn't wait to learn about Bernstein’s top five, can’t-live-without items that cover all things wellness – from better nutrition, to quality sleep. Below, she shares her favorite things, so take notes! (Did we manifest this? Absolutely.)

1. Think! Protein Bars

“I just turned 44 and am such a protein junkie. It’s harder to build muscle as you age, and personally, I try to get 110 grams per day. I know it sounds like a lot–because it is! Once or twice a day I’ll sneak in a think! bar because I’m always traveling, or on-the-go between podcasts and speaking engagements. I was so excited to partner with them this year on their latest initiative, Think Strong, which combines the power of strength-building nutrition with my experience in mindfulness. I love the peanut butter flavor for a post-workout snack.”

2. Phone Bed Charging Station

"Sleep is one of the most important parts of our wellness routine. As someone who suffered from postpartum insomnia, I am very familiar with how detrimental it is to not have sleep. It’s so important to unwind, power down your phone, or as I like to do: literally put your phone to bed! Leave your devices in another room. No ‘big talks’ before bed. Dim the lights, wear blue light glasses if you can. It’s all about taking care of your nervous system before you go to sleep at night.” 

3. Melissa Wood Health Membership

“I like to move in some way, every day, and for a minimum of 15 minutes. When I’m traveling, I try to go for a walk before or after dinner. I also love Melissa Wood's app for a quick workout routine that you can do anywhere. The 10 min arm sequence is my go-to.”

4. Gabby Coaching App

“I use my own app, honestly! It’s such a key to my daily practice. I developed it with a year’s worth of meditations, mindfulness lessons and live-talks to guide you through all aspects of your wellness journey. The app features everything from anxiety relief tools to body love journaling practices, positive affirmations and more. I’m so excited it’s finally here!”

5. Plant-Based Protein Powder

“As a way to get more protein throughout the day, I’ll add this all-organic powder into a smoothie in the morning to help hit my goals. The brand is clean, and I am obsessed with the Vanilla Chai flavor.”

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