5 (Nearly) Free Ways to Show Your Spouse You Love Them This Week

Between kids and commutes and the whole working-your-butt-off-for-a-living thing, well, romance can easily lose its priority status. And while our everyday lives neither can nor should resemble a Nicholas Sparks novel, we’ve found that an extra loving and generous gesture from time to time is truly the glue that holds a happy relationship together. To that end, here are five really nice, really inexpensive ways to show your spouse you love them this week. (What are you waiting for?)

4 Things You Should Do for Your Partner Every Day

closet organization bright

Organize Something That Will Make Their Life Easier

Reminder: It’s scientifically proven that clutter stresses us out and affects our overall happiness. So why not take the opportunity to troubleshoot something chaotic and burdensome for your spouse...and surprise them by making it organized and beautiful? Some ideas: fold and color coordinate their wardrobe, alphabetize their avalanche of a record collection or vacuum out their car. (One caveat: If you have a spouse who will take this as a passive-aggressive move, do not attempt.)

fancy dinner at home

Fake A Fancy Dinner

So what if you’re having chicken fingers (again)? Mealtime is the best time to connect with your partner during a busy workweek, and making it feel special can send you both into date-night mode. Light some taper candles. Plate your Typical-Tuesday meal on your wedding china and break out your best crystal as water goblets. Then enjoy a long, “luxurious” meal and conversation. No rushing to clean up the dishes either, please!  

cookies on stand

Snag Their Favorite Treat

It doesn’t have to be Valentine's Day to scoop up a half dozen chocolate-covered strawberries or six-pack of their favorite IPA on the way home. Then leave this token of love out on the kitchen counter (or in the fridge with a Post-it note) to show you went out your way to put a smile on their face.

woman writing love letter

Write A Love Letter

In this age of Instagram stories and shorthand text messages, putting pen to paper is all the more meaningful and romantic. So write a little love note to tuck into your wife’s workbag, or leave an envelope on top of your husband's pillow if you’re pulling a late one. Umm, I’m not exactly William Shakespeare? 1) Revisit your wedding vows for inspiration. 2) Just start by thanking them for the life you have together.

diverse couple on street

Pick Them Up From Work

One of the simplest ways to romance your honey? Wear something cute and pick them up from work. Take the long way home. Stop into a dive bar for a cocktail and catch-up. Would you look at that? Your life is kind of a Nicholas Sparks novel after all.



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