The 9 Most Filling Foods for Weight Loss

Just because you’re trying to lose weight doesn’t mean you have to walk around feeling hungry. With some strategic planning, you can eat until you’re full without having to worry so much about the calorie count. Here, nine picks that will fill you up without filling you out.

7 Desserts That Might Help You Lose Weight


Cruciferous Vegetables

Like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and kale. Since they’re mostly made up of water and fiber, they’ll fill you up quickly with volume, not calories. Not a fan of plain veggies? Toss them into a soup or omelet.



Cue the applause. Dairy is packed with protein (which takes longer to digest and therefore keeps you sated), as well as calcium, which has been shown to reduce fat absorption. So go ahead and enjoy a few slivers in moderation.



Craving something sweet? Reach for a handful of raspberries. All berries—including strawberries and blueberries—are healthy snacks, but raspberries have the most fiber, with 8 grams per cup (and only 65 calories).



They’re delicious, inexpensive and loaded with fiber and protein. And there are so many varieties—from navy beans to lentils to chickpeas—that you won’t fatigue your taste buds. Add a cup to your soups and salads or eat them as a side.



Swap creamy soups for meat or veggie broths instead. While you’re at it, pack them full of vegetables and lean protein, like chicken. Slurping a bowl of soup will instantly fill your stomach and help you eat less overall.


Almond Butter

This creamy nut butter is far superior to its peanutty relative, as it has more calcium, protein and fiber per spoonful for about the same number of calories. Spread it onto some apple slices to up the fiber intake.



In addition to being packed with fibrous fruits and vegetables, smoothies are full of air. So the longer you blend them (we suggest a full four to five minutes), the more frothy and filling they become.


Apples And Pears

Both fruits contain a special type of fiber called pectin that’s effective at slowing down digestion, keeping you feeling fuller longer. Midday munchies? Grab a pear and chomp away.



Maybe Olivia Pope was onto something with her giant bowls of popcorn. It’s actually a great source of fiber and whole grains. To keep the calories in check, skip the butter and opt for a sprinkle of salt and pepper (or other savory seasonings like garlic and rosemary) instead.