I Visited L.A’s *Fashion Psychic* and Here’s What I Got from It

Look, we get it. Parting with one’s hard-earned money to “consult” the spirit world or predict the future goes against every science class we’ve ever taken. But after a dear friend’s glowing recommendation of Santa Monica-based Corey Daniel, a self-titled “fashion medium” who uses luxe fashion magazines as part of his sessions, I had to get in his schedule. Here’s what happened when I met the fashion psychic.

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corey daniel magazines
Corey Daniel

First, I Picked a Magazine
Daniel, a tall, handsome guy in his late twenties, met me at Mystic Journey bookshop in Venice with a big hug and a smile. He led me to a tiny room where we sat at a small table. He gestured to a short stack of well-thumbed magazines and told me to “pick a book.” Since I was especially curious about some of my male family members, I picked what looked like an English men’s fashion magazine. Daniel asked me to hold it for a minute, then took it from me and remarked with an upturned face “Dana is using her frequency to gain clarity, and let’s see what we can experience and know for her.” I thought, err, awk-ward, this seems so touchy-feely.

Next, He Flipped Through My Glossy of Choice
Next, Daniel proceeded to page through the magazine, intently looking at the images. For me, he stops at a page with pictures of an older couple and a single man and tells me my parents appear in his vision right away. The image corresponds perfectly to my mom and stepfather, who live nearby, as well as a birth father who lives alone in another state. Daniel then proceeds to tick off years from high school days to up to 2013. He asks me to think about each one and tell him what was happening in my life at that time. Turns out, each one was a major household move. He asked me if I’d been thinking about moving lately. I tell him I had, and then he proceeds to tick off single digits, that when put in order are within $2,000 of what Zillow appraises my home at. He suggests that’s what it will sell for next spring, while mentally I try to inspire the spirit world to start a bidding war.

Then, He Winces in Pain
Daniel flips through the magazine again and comes to a picture of Ed Harris (who, hmm, doesn’t look too dissimilar from an ill family member). Daniel says he feels a heaviness in his chest and asks where the man’s tumor is. I tell him he’s just been diagnosed as having a growth in his rib. Daniel turns the page, and there’s a full-page retro image of a man smoking (who even smokes in magazines these days?!?). My eyes widen: This is getting spooky.

corey daniel eyes
Corey Daniel

Next, the Predictions
Here’s the funny thing about the psychic session: Even as Daniel was fielding tough questions from me about health, relationships and financial security, I didn’t feel bummed out (my usual reaction to adulting). Instead, the young man who I learned was originally from a small town in Ohio kept studying pages, staring intently at the images, sometimes looking at the air around my head while murmuring softly saying, “wow” or “OK”  brightly. (He wasn’t avoiding eye contact; he explained this was him focusing on the space around my body where he received images.)

Over the next half-hour, we talked career advances, child development, even car models (only in L.A.). But I didn’t feel like Daniel fit the “flatter your mark” con man I was half-expecting. Even when I asked him a tough life-and-death question, he didn’t flinch. Instead, he gave me the exact same not-great answer I’d gotten from a trusted physician—you know, a man of science.

What Was My Takeaway?
The net effect of my time with Daniel was a sort of floaty positivity. I left with an inchoate feeling that what I term “my life stagnation” (in my less rainbows-and-moonbeams moments) is actually flowing along, and that changes are on the horizon. TL;DR: I’ll be able to handle everything that comes. If only therapy was so dependably calming. 

Watch a sample reading of Daniel here.

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