The Sleeping Trick That Will Save Your Relationship

You and your S.O. share everything, from Netflix accounts and bottles of wine to inside jokes and how you really feel about Game of Thrones (you don’t get it!).

One thing you shouldn’t share? Your comforter.

That’s right, sleeping with separate comforters will do wonders for your quality of sleep and, in turn, your relationship.

Sleeping with your own blanket gives you way more control over the kind of night’s sleep you're going to get and is apparently common in Scandinavian countries (where people are very happy).

Your boyfriend hogs the covers? Not a problem if he’s got his own. Your wife tosses and turns, effectively rendering you blanket-less every night? Who cares, when you’re comfortably snuggled under your personal topper?

So give it a shot, because sharing is caring…but not always.

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