Clear Coffee Is a Thing, and We're Equal Parts Excited and Confused

Some food trends are innovative and game-changing. Others are edgy for the sake of being shocking (we’re looking at you, iridescent blue sparkling winedouble bread bowls and glittery pizza). Clear coffee is an intriguing combo of both.

CLR CFF is quite literally coffee that lacks any color. It was developed by Slovakian brothers who wanted to avoid coffee’s teeth-staining effects. (The brothers are also, based on their company’s name, anti-vowel.)

Clear coffee is made from arabica beans from Ethiopia and water, and doesn't contain any additional sweeteners, flavors, preservatives or stabilizers. The whole clear thing is the result of an undisclosed processing method the brand has developed. (Ooh, so mysterious.)

OK, but what does it taste like? Staffers at the U.K.’s Metro tried it out, with the consensus being: “It’s odd, but not unpleasant. In fact, it’s very drinkable.”

The coffee is currently sold out, but when it’s in stock you can get it from CLR CFF’s website, Amazon or select Whole Foods stores.

Basically, if you drink coffee for the ritual and the taste, you might want to stick to the old French press. But if coffee is preventing you from having the sparkling, white teeth you’ve always dreamed of (or you’re just in it for the Instagram shots), go forth.

sarah stiefvater

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