The Best Yoga Apps for Stretching, Sweating and Even Sleeping

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Sure, we’d all love to have the time to drop by the yoga studio on the reg, having a yogi lead us through our paces. But the best yoga apps offer something equally valuable: a way to get fast, fun and on-the-go workout sessions that can help us to getter better abs, more energy and sounder sleep (some in only 5 minutes!). Here’s the rundown on the 13 best yoga apps, ranked by their superpowers.

The Best Yoga Apps At-A-Glance

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best yoga apps alo moves
Alo Moves

1. Alo Moves

Best All-Around


  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Fitness challenges
  • Two-week free trial


  • Pricey ($20/month or $199/year)

Everyone from beginner yogis to experienced practitioners will find something to love from this app, designed for phone, iPad and Apple TV, that offers not only yoga but also HIIT, Pilates, strength training and barre classes. Bonus: Your homebound workout will be that much more inspirational when you’re following along with videos shot in jaw-droppingly lovely vistas including Morocco, Positano and Malibu.

best yoga apps asana rebel
Asana Rebel

2. Asana Rebel

Best for a Lifestyle Makeover


  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Sort classes by intensity and time
  • Diet and sleep suggestions for full wellness


  • Some free classes, but $16/month for full options

This yoga-fitness app includes more than 100 workouts designed by yoga instructors and tailored to your fitness goals. We like the short questionnaire at the beginning of the user experience, which helps the algorithm sort through the sessions (some lasting less then ten minutes) that are right for you. There are sleep meditation, too, which we happily listen to with headphones in bed, no yoga mat required.

best yoga apps obe

3. Obe

Best for Toning


  • More than 20 live classes daily
  • Yoga Sculpt classes
  • New members get one year for $99


  • Non-yoga options won’t please yoga purists

Immersive training programs range from a 15-video yoga deep dive to a weight training sequence simply titled “Hard AF” in this app, which asks users for a time commitment of five classes a week (three strength-based and two cardio). Some are super-short, like the ten-minute abs class, and we stan the talented, energetic teachers of the nearly 300 yoga sculpt classes that use one- to three-pound hand weights to safely pump up the toning benefits of standard yoga sequences.

best yoga apps glo

4. Glo

Best for Variety


  • Wide range of global teachers
  • 5 or more live classes daily
  • iOS and Android


  • Pricey ($24/month or $245/year)

More than 4,000 on-demand classes range from yoga to Pilates to dance HIIT (a serious mood-lifter). We appreciate the wide range of not only top-notch talent guiding users through classes of so many disciplines and levels, but also that a sizable amount of the sessions last around a half-hour, which we appreciate as being the sweet spot of accomplishment and brevity.

best yoga apps yoga for beginners
Yoga for Beginners

5. Yoga For Beginners

Best for Beginners


  • Clear instruction
  • Affordable ($30/year)
  • One-week trial


  • Only available on iOS
  • Finer alignment tips aren’t prioritized

Want a slow and clear set of instructions for your jumping-off point in the whole yoga journey? Yoga for beginners is a non-intimidating place to start, from its gently paced flows to the easy-to-follow animated figures demonstrating the poses. While a more advanced practitioner might find it too elementary, this app is a great one for beginners of all ages to get something out of a session.

best yoga apps bad yogi
Bad Yogi

6. Bad Yogi

Best for Form


  • Detailed body placement tips
  • Affordable ($10/month)
  • iOS and Android

We’re surprised it’s taken this long for a yoga app to embrace body positivity and inclusiveness as a core value, and as expressed in Bad Yogi, we’re here for it. The classes range from 20 to 60 minutes and are unique in not only the “let’s all have fun and not be perfect” vibe but also the way you can directly contact teachers with questions.

best yoga apps peloton

7. Peloton

Best for Spin Devotees


  • Integrates with Apple Health
  • Running, yoga, HIIT and cycling programs
  • iOS and Android


  • Multi-day programs can’t be paused

“I am new to yoga, but I love using the Peloton app for yoga classes,” says commerce editor Olivia Kappler. “I like that you can pick your instructors and modify by length, difficulty and body part focus. The beginner classes are awesome for newbies who need some help with form and breakdown of poses.” Fans of this popular spin bike subscription will be pleasantly surprised by how much yoga adds to their fitness regimen.

best yoga apps find what feels good
Find What Feels Good

8. Find What Feels Good

Best for Stress Cases


  • Soothing-yet-challenging series
  • 700+ classes


  • Limited to meditation and yoga disciplines

After YouTube’s Yoga with Adrien became a must-stream hit for people longing to stay fit and manage stress during the pandemic lockdown, the titular yoga teacher developed this expanded app version that has challenges, workshops and more. You’ll follow along as Adrien cheerfully encourages you to deepen your downward dog or really stretch into your upward dog, without judgment…even for her blue heeler dog Benji who regularly steals the show just at the edge of the frame.

best yoga apps yoga wake up
Yoga Wake Up

9. Yoga Wake Up

Best for Energy


  • 5 to 30-minute length sessions
  • Yoga alarm clock


  • Only available on iOS

Feel like your day goes better when you begin with some exercise, meditation or stretches? This app wakes you up with voice-guided prompts to start moving through asanas before you’re fully awake. With bed yoga options, you start moving through sequences while still on your mattress.

best yoga apps down dog
Down Dog

10. Down Dog

Best for Customization


  • Free 18-day trial
  • Multiple camera angles make positions clear


  • Potentially overwhelming for newbies

This app suggests a class for you, based on your preferred pace, style, level and even length of savasana (up to 15 minutes, bless!). You can also select which voice prompt you want, and direct which type of music. With so many options, it’s the closest thing to having a private yoga instructor we’ve experienced via app.

best yoga apps gaia

11. Gaia

Best for Sleep


  • More than 25 yoga nidra classes
  • Teaches active rest


  • Challenging for meditation-averse practitioners

Yoga Nidra is a form of yoga that focuses on meditation, relaxation and breathing as a means to induce a waking state that’s as restful as sleeping. It can be used as a midday break or as a pre-bed wind-down, and this yoga app has a wide selection of yoga nidra options along with hundreds of other single classes from this respected yoga authority.

best yoga apps 5 minute yoga workouts
5 Minute Yoga Workouts

12. 5 Minute Yoga Workouts

Best for the Busy


  • Great for moms of small children
  • Ideal for beginners


  • Only on iOS

It’s daunting to sign up for an app subscription, knowing you’ll probably not have the time or ambition to follow through. That’s next to impossible with this app, which consists wholly of five-minute sessions that aren’t rushed or half-explained. The trick to getting benefits in such a short time? You’re instructed to hold five poses, each one for about a minute…and that’s it. We’re stanning this app for its no-frills, low-effort that tricks users into establishing a new, healthy habit.

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