The Very Best Wellness Advice We Received in 2019

The whole pay-yourself-first mindset? It’s legit, and we learned to implement it in quasi-therapy groups, through bio-hacked workouts and by investing in the right pillow for our sleeping style. Here are our top takeaways from a year of trying to live healthier. 

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1. Sit With A Women’s Circle

Turns out, a lot of personal growth can happen in just a few hours—particularly when you spend it listening to a group of women share their goals, work through issues and above all, support one another. If you’re curious about trying one, join a session led by doula and conflict resolutions facilitator Paula Mallis at WMN Space.

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2. Do A Half-hour Workout

Take a boxing class, hop onto a climbing machine or even follow along with an exercise class coming out of your Mirror at home. Whatever your choice of sweat, the trend is to spend less time sneaking in a little fitness. Hey, every minute counts.

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3. Try A Massage Style That's Both Energizing—and Relaxing—and You Can Diy

It’s called gua sha (say it gwah sha), and it means your masseuse drags a rose quartz tool along your body in long, stimulating strokes.

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4. Embrace Energy Healing (it's Practically Mainstream These Days)

Acupuncture, Reiki, Ayurvedic medicine: They are not just for the woo-woo set anymore, as more people are drawn to their purported benefits, including lessening musculoskeletal pain, improving digestion and evening out hormonal fluctuations.

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5. Bio-hack Your Workout

Bio-hacking is a science-based discipline that aims to make your workouts as efficient as possible, using lots of high-tech gizmos—such as massaging pants, water vapor inhalers, weighted blankets and meditation goggles—with the goal of maximizing your results.

best wellness tips 2019

6. Get A Better Pillow, Sleepyhead

There’s a right pillow for every sleep style, including an over-the-face design for nappers. Here’s how to determine if you’re resting on the right one.

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