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You know those women who always seem to have it together? Well, you could be one of them. All it takes is a little careful planning and a solid checklist of things to throw into your bag before you leave the house. Wallet, phone and keys? Check. Now here are nine other essentials that will keep you charged, fresh-faced, hydrated and prepared for whatever the day may bring.

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SF handbag sunglasses LIST
Warby Parker


Round is in, but if a completely circular shape intimidates you, cheat with a slight oval. And you can’t go wrong with polarized lenses to protect your eyes.

Warby Parker ($95)

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Listening to podcasts during your commute or music during your workout: It’s all easier if you’ve got state-of-the-art wireless connectivity.

BeatsX ($150)

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Remember: Every time you drink from a plastic bottle, you’re personally strangling a baby seal. (Not really, but opt for a reusable vessel, OK?) This one has shatter-resistant glass and a bamboo lid. Plus, for every bottle purchased, Soma donates to Charity: water.

Soma ($30)

SF handbag moisturizer LIST
Ode Natural Beauty


This natural moisturizer is a triple threat. That’s because it goes straight from the farm to the jar—with ingredients including olive and jojoba oils, beeswax and vitamin E—and works equally well on dry hands, chapped lips or even your hair (see ya later, flyaways).

Ode Olive Oil Body Balm ($18)

SF handbag phone charger LIST


Sixty percent more battery time sounds good, especially if your Instagram Stories obsession is sucking the life out of your phone. This battery booster slides onto your phone and keeps it fully charged all day long.

Mophie ($60)

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Avoid many a “Doh!” moment at the grocery store when you realize you left your shopping bags on the kitchen counter. Just throw one of these fold-up totes into your purse and never leave home without it.

Baggu ($10)

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This incredible brush-on mineral sunscreen packs a serious punch (SPF 30) and comes in five shades. A few simple brush strokes over your makeup and you’re powdered (buh-bye, oils) and protected.

Colorescience ($57)

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Analog, yes. But despite all the technology we have, you don’t want to be caught empty-handed when you bump into that design director at power Pilates you’ve been trying to track down. In this city, you just never know when or where you might make a beneficial connection.

SF handbag breath freshener LIST


Back-to-back business meetings or those Maui onion chips you had with lunch—you never know when you might need a refresher, and it might not always be practical to duck into the bathroom for a quick brush. To the rescue: a mint (to freshen your mouth right away) and a peppermint-parsley gel cap (to keep your breath sweet long-term).

Eatwhatever ($10 for three packs)

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