The Best Relationship Advice We Learned on Reddit

Between the skin-care tips and Game of Thones theorizing, you might’ve missed that Reddit also happens to hold a wealth of (good and bad) relationship advice. And just in case you’re still like, what the heck’s a subreddit?, we did a deep-dive and cherry-picked the best for you.

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On Dirty Laundry
“Avoid talking about arguments that you have with your S.O. with anyone else. They hear about the negative, but rarely hear about the resolution.” DDraughn

On the Little Things
“Little frequent gestures of affection mean a lot more than one big gesture once in a blue moon. For example, a sweet love-note tucked into someone’s lunch, or a text saying you're thinking about them and missing them, means a lot more than an expensive gift.” 10S_NE1

On Taking Out the Trash
“Say what you mean. Hint-dropping is tiresome for both parties, and not nearly as effective. It’s a lot more productive to say, ‘please take out the garbage,’ than ‘wow that trash really smells.’ It's more productive to say, ‘I know you’re really into what you're doing but I really need you to let me cry on your shoulder right now,’ than to drop hints and then say, ‘you never listen to me!’ Just say what you mean.” MyBobaFetish

On Team-Building
“When you have an argument, it should be you and your S.O. versus the problem, not you versus your S.O.” krukson

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On Going Analog
“Me and my girlfriend have a phoneless and TV-less evening every week. We play a board game.” obispook

On Gardening
“Be an individual but also grow together.” Fockles 

On Taking Advice from Comic Strips
“I think it was a Calvin and Hobbes thing, but it went like this: The greatest gift you can give to somebody is your own personal development. I used to say, ‘if you will take care of me, I will take care of you.’ Now I say, ‘I will take care of me for you, if you will take care of you for me.’” DayGlowBeautiful 

On Having a Great Day
“Don’t do anything that will make the other person’s day more difficult.” StixxEnormous 

On Gratitude
“I think saying ‘thank you’ frequently is just as important as saying ‘I love you.’ Thanks for making dinner tonight! Hey, thanks for taking out the trash and recycling while I was at work. Thanks for remembering to run that errand. Thanks for doing the dishes. Thanks for that awesome sex just now! Etc, etc…” quitethequandary

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On Timetables
“Think of a relationship in terms of multiplication rather than addition. In an addition relationship, 1 person + 1 person = 2 people, each looking out for their own best interests. But in a multiplication relationship, 1 person x 1 person = 1 couple which functions as a single unit, where each member looks out for the best interests of their partner or the relationship.” -rabid-

On Low Blows
“If you are fighting, always fight fair. You both know exactly what you can say or do to make the low blow and possibly win the immediate fight, but it will hurt the relationship, sometimes irreparably.” HungryMoose1

On Mind-Reading
“Don’t get mad over something you haven’t communicated.” ERRORMONSTER

On Being Hangry
“After every fight, hug. Apologize. Tell each other you love each other. Eat something, because that always helps.” vampyrita


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