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This Self-Rolling Yoga Mat Might Be the Key to a Stress-Free Life

I would consider myself a moderate yogi. I practice about once a week, sometimes maybe twice a week if I’m really in the zone (or have a free class pack to use up). I do yoga for fitness, to stretch after a run and to calm my always-racing mind. But I have one tiny issue—I loathe rolling up my mat after class. I know, it doesn’t seem like the worst thing in the world, but for some reason it sends all my pre-yoga stress flooding back in.

Everyone else in class seems to roll their mat up with swiftness and grace, while I’m usually one of the last people in the studio fumbling with mine. I can never seem to get it into a perfectly tight bundle that fits back into it’s carrying case with ease and don’t even get me started on rolling it in a straight line—why is it so hard??

But I haven’t lost all hope yet, because I was recently introduced to one product that I’m banking on to change my life and keep my stress levels hovering around zero after class: the Backslash Fit Self-Rolling Smart Yoga Mat. It self-rolls like a slap bracelet, so all you have to do is flip it over, click and let it do its thing. It’s also four inches longer than a standard mat (so roomy!), has a sweat-proof grippy top layer and a non-slip bottom layer. And it’s 5 millimeters thick to protect elbows and knees from hurting while you hold tougher poses. And if I can’t make it to the studio, I can practice yoga in my apartment (if my dog doesn’t insist on claiming it as his bed mid-vinyasa) thanks to its ability to pair with Amazon Alexa and Women’s Health magazine to talk me through the flow of the day.

I can see it now: Me, rising from Savasana in a blissful daze, my mat rolling itself up, and the both of us floating through the rest of the day without an anxious thought in mind. Did I just find my own personal secret to a stress-free life? Possibly.

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