There’s an Ayurvedic Way to Drink Water (and You Probably Aren’t Doing It)

a woman drinking water before working out

Hey, you. We need to talk about that half-empty S'well bottle sitting on your coffee table.

Sure, you know you’re supposed to drink eight glasses a day to stay fully hydrated (but realistically, you probably drink more like four—us, too). And because you’re so busy and totally forget, you usually go for long stretches without drinking, followed by huge gulps like you’ve just gone on a ten-mile hike through the desert. But hey, at least you’re drinking something, right?

Not according to ayurvedic medicine (pronounced ay-er-vey-dic), the ancient Indian practice of healing the body through food and herbs. Our pals to the east think it’s not only about how much water you drink, but how you drink it—and they have an excellent point.

You’ve heard that practicing mindful eating, or allowing your body to slow down and really focus on the process of chewing and enjoying your food, can help reduce stress levels and improve digestion. And ayurvedic experts, like our friends at Vasanti Health, believe sipping water slowly and deliberately throughout the day is much more beneficial to your body than sudden gulping.

Why? In ayurvedic medicine, the aim is to always keep your body in as relaxed a state as possible to reduce stress and keep your organs running efficiently. So instead of shocking your system with a sudden gush of ice water, try more frequent, gentle sips of room temperature or warm water.

BRB, filling up our water bottles…slowwwly.

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