9 of the Best Ab Gliders for an Ultra-Toned Core

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If you're still on the workout-from-home kick, you're definitely not alone. In a post quarantine world, it's easier than ever to scoop up a piece of accessible workout equipment for yourself, if only to stay out of overcrowded gyms. And while it's relatively easy to find a machine that will target your legs, upper body and allow for cardio, finding tools that focus on your core can be a little more challenging. The core is one of the most difficult muscle groups to fully engage because of all the movement that's happening in the torso, but once you do, you can burn belly fat, improve balance, decrease back pain and more, with improvements happening at just 15 minutes a day. Whether you’re aiming for a washboard six-pack or simply want to tone up, an ab glider may be your best friend when it comes to your oblique’s needs.

What Is an Ab Glider?

Ab gliders are exercise tools that work by engaging your side obliques and transverse abdominal muscles in up and down and side-to-side movements. While many come in the form of heavy-duty, self-powered steel machines, there are smaller options that feature elements such as roller wheels and sliders that can all be used from the comfort of your own home.

What to Look for in an Ab Glider

We made our selections by looking at a few essential qualities.

  • Durability: To truly get the most bang for your buck, you’ll want to go with something sturdy that’ll last you years to come. Most of these machines support upwards of 200 pounds and are constructed with steel frames.
  • Size: How much space you have is a large factor when it comes to choosing between a machine that keeps your body in one place and one with rollers and sliders.
  • Safety: Many ab gliders are designed in a manner that will reduce strain on your back and knees, so it's important to keep a lookout for these features when making your selection. While most ab gliders are ideal for hardwood floors, there are versions that work on carpets and mats as well, so you'll also want to take that into account before use.

How to Use an Ab Glider

Although each one works slightly differently, the ideal way to use an ab glider for the most effective workout is to lock your equipment into position, kneel on the kneepads, grab the handlebars and pull yourself up towards your arms while squeezing your abdominal muscles. From there, you'll want to loosen and straighten your arms to move back into your original position.

The Best Ab Gliders at a Glance

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Best Overall Ab Glider

1. Fitlaya Fitness Core Ab Glider


This bad boy comes with a curved track design that engages your muscles more intensely and four adjustable height settings. It has cushioned support for your hands and knees, so you can get shredded while still being kind to your joints. Better yet, you can track how many calories you’ve burnt with the handy LCD training monitor, and it can be conveniently folded to save space.

Best Heavy-Duty Ab Glider

2. Bigzzia Ab Glider


Not only can this ab glider support up to a whopping 550 pounds with its steel plate, it’s also constructed with a foldable design that can be tucked away for storage. For an extra bonus, its computer tracks your workout time while its rollers allow for a noise-free workout experience.

Best Ab Glider Safety Features

3. GoPlus Ab Glider


Not only does this ab glider work the arms and legs along with the core, it comes with five adjustable strengths and slope levels to meet your workout needs. Andwith its dual track design, the company claims that it offers a safer, more stable exercising experience.

Best Ab Glider for Beginners

4. Xtremepowerus Ab Glider


For those who struggle with finding their form, this machine comes with a curved track that allows for the perfect lift. It also has an adjustable cushioned seat and the ability to add extra weights as needed, so you can work your way up as you build more muscle.

Most Intense Ab Glider

5. Zimtown Ab Glider


According to the company, you can see results with this ab glider with only five minutes of use a day. Boasting four resistance levels and a calorie tracker, this machine enables you to perform reverse crunches will that not only target your core, but your glutes and legs as well. You can also track your progress with its LCD display that monitors your calories burnt and moves per minute.

Best Ab Roller

6. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller

Perfect Fitness

This ab roller reportedly deeply engages both sides of the oblique muscles and the entire core by rolling the user left, right and back to a starting position with its kinetic carbon steel spring mechanism, which provides ultimate resistance. It also comes with foam knee pads and and hand grips for a stable, effective workout.

Best Ab Wheel Glider

7. Core Coaster Ab Glider

Core Coaster

According to the company, this wheeled ab glider targets your oblique muscles over 400 percent more than regular crunches with its omnidirectional movement. A versatile piece of equipment, its rubber rollers work on any hard surface around the house and its large surface area is the perfect size for both hands and feet. It also comes with instructions on how to navigate 30 challenging movements that not only aim to strengthen your core, but improve your flexibility and coordination.

Best Versatile

8. Harison Ab Glider 


This ab glider is great if you love to experiment and switch up your workout routines from time to time. That's because you can easily change the direction or angle during your sesh to exercise different core muscle groups. While its primary focus is on your abdominals, it's great for arm, chest and leg exercises, too. This compact non-slip coaster is also a convenient size to take on- the-go if you like to change up your scenery. As an added bonus, it comes with a 10 millimeter knee pad for comfort.

Best Adjustable

9. Seanleecore Ab Glider


This one is great for our girlies with arched backs. Designed to make working out easier on pressure points, it's adjustable in height, resistance and training difficulty levels, so you can target not only your core, but also your shoulders, back and lower abs. There's also an easy-to-read digital workout counter that keeps track of the calories burnt, workout time and more. (Plus, she's kind of cute.)

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