What’s the last thing you want to do when you get the flu? Shop for the flu. Here, 19 things to have on hand for the next time you get the bug.

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1. Chicken broth. For nourishment (and steam) to fight your body’s chill. Keep a couple of spare boxes (or even better, concentrated pods) in the pantry.

2. Popsicles. On the contrary, steam is not always the answer. A natural fruit pop will cool you down when your body’s burning up and even sneak in a little vitamin C.

3. Aquaphor. For a raw and red nose, this is a game-changer.

4. Extra tissues. And no, you’re not allowed to touch the extra boxes, day to day. An emergency stash is key.

5. Clorox wipes. If you’re well enough to binge on Empire, you’re well enough to de-germ the TV remotes.


6. Goldfish crackers. Alright, Empire requires snacks. These will be the only ones you will likely tolerate.

7. Hand sanitizer. Apply after every sneeze.

8. Hand moisturizer. To counteract the drying effects of the hand sanitizer.

9. Tea. Ginger for a tender stomach. Elderberry for congestion. Green for everything.


10. Honey. The syrupy goodness will enrich your tea and soothe your throat.

11. Bottled lemon juice. Fresh is best. But bottled works well when you’re in a pinch. A spoonful of honey + a couple drops of citrus = serious pain relief from scratchiness.

12. Throat lozenges. Just in case the lemon/honey trick isn’t enough. Or you get lazy.

13. Decongestants. A clear nose is everything.

14. Fever reducer. Ibuprofen is also everything.

15. Working thermometer. You know your mom will want the full report.

16. Heating pad. Because your neck aches like whoa.

17. Gatorade. And because your electrolytes are crazy depleted.

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18. Ginger ale. And because…bubbles.

19. Bridget Jones’s Diary. To pretend your ginger ale is vodka.

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