9 Habits That Pretty Much Guarantee a Good Mood

Grab a dog and start petting it


You have every reason to be in a bad mood--the traffic is atrocious, the sun is hiding behind a cloud and you have wayyyy too many errands to do before 5 p.m. (Did we mention the traffic?) So how does Margot at work always manage to be bright and cheery? Well, we might just have the answer. Here, nine habits of the woman who is always in a good mood.

She Visits The Dog Park

We’re not joking around; petting a dog has a physiological effect on you. It lowers your blood pressure, releases a relaxation hormone and lowers the level of stress hormones.


She Meditates

The practice of sitting quietly for 10 minutes, whether it’s repeating a mantra, counting your breaths Zen-style or some other method, feels good because, like with dog-petting (see above), you’re re-balancing hormones put out of whack due to stress. And with meditation, there’s no dog poop to clean up.

She Hikes

Wonder why hiking is the city’s favorite pastime next to hot Hollywood gossip and juice bars? Because it’s an instant mood-lifter. You’re getting vitamin D--which helps prevent depression, heart disease and cancer--from the sun (so wear sunscreen!).

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She Exercises Daily

Just 30 minutes of cardio a day may seem like a big ask--but not when you consider that you’re releasing endorphins, aka your brain’s happy sauce. Plus, there’s that whole swimsuit-ready body you’ll be getting.

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She Gets Enough Sleep

We’re not going to mandate eight hours. But the truth is, between seven to nine hours is recommended, and you don’t need us to tell you how negative everything seems when you’re tired.


She Makes Time For A Manicure

Or a pedicure. Or a lunchtime facial. Maybe a walk-in half-hour massage. Point is, remembering to spend a few moments on your physical appearance and well-being does wonders for your self-esteem.

She Plans A Vacation

Experienced travelers will tell you that any journey begins long before you take the first physical step--the brainstorming, researching and planning can be as happily escapist as the trip itself. So start your own bucket-list Pinterest board and enjoy.


She Makes Gratitude Lists

Catch yourself feeling bummed out? Grab a pen and a piece of paper and note ten things in your life--anything from your health to your favorite pair of heels--that you are grateful to have. Re-orienting your focus on pluses rather than minuses cheers you right up.

She Swears At Traffic

All in all, this is a beautiful city and we’re lucky to live here. Until the 405 is a parking lot or some fool pulls out in front of you on the 101. Then, we’re all about a high-volume, expletive-filled rant to release your stress. You’ll feel so much better. Just keep your windows rolled up and your hands to yourself. And maybe wait until the Brownie carpool has all been dropped off.

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