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Forget the cruise vacation cliché: You know, retirees looking for an endless buffet between tourist spots. Today’s cruise goers dine on celeb-chef-made meals (and learn to cook them), acquire new skills and take day trips to pristine locales. All without having to pack and unpack between destinations. Here are seven simple reasons why you need ship out--and West Coast-originating cruises we love.

No Stressing Over Itineraries

Sure, planning a trip is fun, but if you?re pressed for time--or have no idea how long it takes from point A to point B--leaving the details to someone else is more fun. Because nobody want to risk having bad intel foul up their hard-earned vaca time.

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Repeat after us: “The Wi-fi was really spotty”

Sure, most trips have Internet connectivity, but no one will be able to prove you wrong when you come back without checking work email if you just mumble something about “spotty Internet,” “solar flare disruption” and “darned ocean storms.” So think of taking a cruise as an optional digital detox.

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It’s way more active than you’d think

Let’s say you’re headed up north for some cool breezes. Want to go deep-sea fishing or diving for sea urchins or take a sled dog across an icy slope? That’s the kind of outdoor activity you can opt for on a cruise. Bonus: There’s no reading endless Yelp reviews to weigh the merits of one vendor over another, since they are all vetted by the cruise line.

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Mama Gets Her Child-free Mai Tai

With activities tailored to please everyone from rambunctious elementary school-aged children to sullen teens, cruises give the little ones their own special areas where they can make new friends. And you can have frozen cocktails by the pool.

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It’s the best way to see a lot in a little time

Don’t waste time worrying over where you’ll be dining, or how you’ll catch a flight to your next destination. When you’re on a cruise ship, the captain’s steering you toward your next stop while you sleep, so it’s a super-efficient way to travel.

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You can be social or not and no one cares

You’ve got your pick of traveling with a huge extended family (cruises are super-popular for family reunions) or booking passage on a ship that caters to singles.  Or you can pack a novel and a bathing suit and cruise south to get a tan. It’s all good.

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It’s All About Fine Dining

Forget the buffet cliché: Today’s cruise lines employ big names like Nobu Matsuhisa (Crystal Cruises), Thomas Keller (Seabourn Cruises) and Curtis Stone (Princess Cruises) to take both casual and fine dining onboard to the next level. With nary an ice sculpture in sight.

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