9 Wedding Trends You're About to See Everywhere in 2023

Weddings are centered around the unwavering love of a couple, the unity of families and the relief that months of stress, logistical coordination and clashes with future in-laws are coming to an end. And we get it. From the moment one of you says yes, you’re sucked into the wedding industrial complex with the supernatural force of that Dyson you’re eyeing for your registry. But there are a few bright spots in the planning process that remind us this is actually supposed to be fun. (You’re hosting a party, after all!) Enter these modern yet meaningful wedding trends that make the day feel like yours, from voicemail guest books to potted plant decor. We promise no one has to toss a garter.

9 Random But Useful Things Real People Swear By to Survive Wedding Planning

wedding trend bouquet
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1. Petite Bouquets

According to Pinterest Trends, pinners are seeking out petite bouquets in place of wild, abundant arrangements we’ve seen in years past. These chic handhelds are made up of dainty blooms, like lily of the valley, lilac, astilbe and lavender. And while pared-back florals look elegant, they’re also practical: Wedding dresses aren’t cheap, so why not make yours the focal point as you step down the runway aisle toward your beloved?

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2. A Private Last Dance

The wedding couple takes center stage for the entire reception, but in 2023, we’re kicking guests off the dance floor for the final song. After months of planning, many newlyweds are astonished when their wedding day speeds by. To take in the magic of this milestone, partners are closing out the festivities with a private dance. That’s right, everyone but the photographer walks out of the room so you two can reflect on the day and/or gossip about your families. 

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3. Love Drunk Photos

2023 will be the year of the blurry wedding photo, one that captures the dizzying bliss you felt on the big day. As social platforms are trading perfection for authenticity (looking at you, BeReal), we can expect wedding photography to tag along. Albums will have an editorial, documentary-style look and feel, says Diana Romo, founder and lead planner at Diana Romo Weddings. “The style nixes poses and focuses on imperfections,” she says, as more couples are favoring “minimal direction or interruptions.” Think: a candid shot of your mom chasing a ring-bearing toddler or a slanted portrait of your friends sipping whiskey at the bar.

wedding trend hair
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4. Low-Key Hair

No crunchy hair gel here. Alison Semmler, owner and lead planner at Lifestyle Maven Events, tells us clients are ditching overly formal hairstyles and requesting an elevated version of their everyday style and texture. “Many of my clients want to still look like themselves and feel comfortable on their wedding day, which is why they’ll choose a sleek blowout, high-pony or beachy waves rather than an updo with hundreds of bobby pins and hair extensions.” As people who have attempted to pry pins out of our hair at 2 a.m., we wholeheartedly endorse this trend.

wedding trend guestbook
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5. Nontraditional Guest Books

Writing a sweet note for the new spouses is a classic gesture. But there are plenty of fresh ways to say good luck without the pen and paper (how Shakespearian!). Over on #WeddingTok, users are coming up with creative takes on guest books, like voice messages recorded with old-fashioned telephones, greetings written on the back of polaroid photos or well wishes signed on wooden Jenga pieces (for the couple who got really into board games during the pandemic).

6. Colorful Dresses

During 2023 Bridal Fashion Week, we saw billowing sleeves, detachable skirts and sheer fabrics float down runways. But perhaps most striking was the use of color among designers. From vibrant floral prints fashioned by Monique Lhuillier to baby blue silk seen at Ines Di Santo, 2023 wedding fashion is playful and unexpected. Pastel pink is the new white, people!

wedding trends houseplants
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6. Live Houseplant Decor

Where millennials go, houseplants follow. So it’s no surprise plant parents are adorning their wedding venues with potted plant decor, from English ivy climbing up your ceremonial canopy to monstera hanging out by the dancefloor. Along with wanting a more sustainable choice than cut flowers, couples love the greenhouse oasis live plants cultivate. And a money tree situated next to the donation box is sure to bring some good luck, right?

wedding trend couples get ready
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7. Couples Who Get Ready Together...

While tradition dictates that partners separate until the ceremony, modern couples are rewriting their wedding day itineraries and getting ready together. Hanging out with your S.O. before the main event can ease your nerves, offer time for private vows—and allow you to squeeze in another first dance rehearsal.

9. Embroidered Fashion

Why write your vows when you can wear them? In 2023, to-be weds will take statement-making fashion literally by sewing heartfelt messages onto gloves, veils and dresses. Celebs are leading the charge, from Hailey Bieber’s embroidered “Till Death Do Us Part” veil to Kourtney Kardashian’s, which read “Family, Loyalty, Respect” at her Italian nuptials this year.  Alternative stitching suggestions: I Haven’t Slept in a Month, Where’s the Open Bar?, and Yes, I Will Need Help in the Restroom.

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