15 Creative Ways to Save on Wedding Flowers

Your wedding is a day to indulge in all your floral fantasies. But there is that little matter of budget—and the fact that flowers can be gobsmackingly expensive. No fear, ladies: We pored through dozens of real-girl nuptials to bring you 15 exceedingly dreamy and budget-friendly floral ideas.

11 Things a Florist Would Never Do At Her Own Wedding

single stem wedding bouquet 21
Blush Wedding Photography

Try Single Stem Arrangements

Minimalist bride? This less-is-more approach is very chic.

coral peony wedding bouquet
Christine Han Photography

...or A Single Variety Bouquet

With one foolproof floral, you might consider buying blooms wholesale and DIY’ing yourself, which saves big-time on labor costs.

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Reconsider Faux Florals

Psst: This bride got her wedding “blooms” for a dime at a local Hobby Lobby. And honestly? They look amazing.

minimalist boho wedding 72
Adam Kealing International

Work For Florist Credit

Here’s an outside-the-box idea: Side hustle for a local florist in the months leading up to your wedding in order to earn credit—like this super-savvy bride did.

backyard micro wedding 7
Danielle Riley

Stick To Greenery

Greenery is typically much less expensive than blooms, and for extra savings, buy greens at cost and DIY them, like this talented bride did.

vt wedding 91
Jennifer Langille Photography

Create Drama With Baby’s Breath

This inexpensive filler flower packs a lot of punch—and looks so very wedding-appropriate by virtue of its lacy quality.  

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Jennifer Langille Photography

Try Escort Cards Instead Of Table Arrangements

These guys are super easy to DIY and double as lovely little wedding favors.

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Consider Bud Vase Centerpieces

With a tight budget, try micro versions of your dream arrangements. (They’re no less charming.)

black eyes susan wedding bouquet1
Jessica Hunt Photography

Opt For Local And Seasonal

The less distance your blooms have to travel, the more affordable they will be. (E.g.: The late summer wildflowers at your local nursery will be a wallet-savvy choice.)

flat laid greens wedding decor1
Autumn Cutaia Photography

Top Tables With Flat Laid Greens

Ferns, fronds, eucalyptus—it’s all gorgeous and it’s all pretty darn affordable.

greenery hoop wedding bouquets 728
Carley Rehberg Photography

Consider Hoop Bouquets

Fact: This whimsical trend actually requires very little material.

potted wedding plant 1
Hales Studio LLC

Borrow Potted Plants For Your Ceremony

Ask your friends and family first—then try asking about rentals at local nurseries.

earthy elements rustic11
Dreamlove Photography

…and Even Your Tabletop

We swoon for mini myrtle topiary.

white wedding balloon
Isabel Nao Photography

Load Up On Balloons

Table runners, garlands, you name it. (With statement balloons doing the decor heavy work, you can scale back on pricey florals without sacrificing wow factor.)

family style wedding dinner
Fly Away Photography

Serve Dinner Family-style

With dishes taking up lots of tabletop real estate, you’ll have less room—and need—for florals. Food as décor? We’re all about it.


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