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Healing crystals are no longer just the objects of affection of your hippie-dippie neighbor. Now, everyone’s dipping their toe in the wellness trend. And sure, while there’s absolutely zero scientific evidence that these ancient stones can channel energy, they’re awfully pretty to look at. They also happen to make some gorgeous engagement rings. Here, seven beauts that will brighten any hand…and chakra.

moonstone healing crystal engagment ring


Known as the “woman’s stone,” it’s good to have one on you at all times, as it’s said to assist in all things “womanly,” aka: period cramps. And psst: Supposedly its luster changes as the moon waxes and wanes.  

Catbird ($945)

turquoise healing crystal engagment ring
Anna Sheffield


The Bisbee rock was once believed to work as an antidote to poison. Hint: It probably can’t do that. But you may sense its “drawing powers” when pressed on a part of your body in pain. Foot aching? Let your engagement ring slurp it all up. (While this gorgeous ring has been sold, the artist will continue to add similar pieces to the collection.) 

Anna Sheffield ($5,550)

Violet and Yellow Sapphire and Red Coral healing crystal engagement ring

Violet and Yellow Sapphire and Red Coral

The mixed purple and yellow sapphire is said to awaken and enhance spirituality with a hint of sunny (yellow) optimism. As for the bright coral, while we love the pop of color, it isn’t just a pretty face: It’s working double time on strengthening your circulatory system…or so we’ve heard.  

MOCIUN ($5,400)

morganite healing crystal engagment ring
Natalie Marie Jewellery


This oval-cut morganite center with pear-cut diamond sides is not only a delicate vision in pink, but it will also “activate and cleanse” the heart chakra, helping you maintain love. Sounds like the perfect engagement ring stone. 

Natalie Marie Jewellery ($5,900)

emerald healing crystal engagment ring
Erie Basin


Want to know a secret? This Colombian pear-shaped emerald is called the “cobra” ring since its form resembles a snake’s posture—hey, we’re just being honest, and communication through truthfulness is exactly what emeralds are meant to do.  

Erie Basin ($6,350)

rose quartz healing crystal engagement ring

Rose Quartz

A crystal this pretty most certainly deserves its own crown of diamonds. And keep the rose quartz protected—it attracts unconditional love and promotes deep inner healing, self-love and harmony (which you’ll probably need while planning a wedding). 

Etsy ($480)

ruby healing crystal engagment ring
Stephanie Gottlieb


Not all of us can resist diamonds. But a pop of ruby red is not only royal AF (Catherine of Aragon preferred the stone); it’s also believed to inspire creativity and stave off energy vampires.  

Stephanie Gottlieb ($3,950)

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