How 13 Real Brides ‘Proposed’ to Their Bridesmaids

After the initial popping of the question comes another important inquiry: Asking your squad to stand by your side (literally) when you officially hitch your wagon. Take some inspiration, and maybe a laugh or two, from these 13 real-life brides.

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French Flair
“I got engaged in Provence, so while I was there I picked up soaps, perfumes, postcards and chocolates that matched each girl’s personality for a ‘care package.’ I invited them all over, popped some rosé and asked them to be my bridal party!” - Vanessa, NY

Pretty in Pink
“Mine was kind of simple, but I did a rosé-themed box: A can of rosé, rosé gummy bears, a personalized plastic Champagne flute and a note that said ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?'” - Mel, CA

“I went hard on the ‘pop’ theme and gave my bridesmaids a cute bag full of: POPcorn, ringPOPs, POProcks, mini-Champagne, POP-tarts, a balloon and a card that said ‘Now it’s my turn to POP the question!’” - Grace, IA

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Insta Challenge
“I sent my girls each a box with a bottle of Champagne and other trinkets inside it. To ‘accept’ their role as bridesmaid, they had to pop a party popper and post it on Instagram!” - Emily, NY 

Floral Notes
“I only had four bridesmaids, so I sent them each a nice bouquet from BloomThat with a little note attached to it.” - Angela, MA

Bridal 'Mermaids' 
“I asked my crew to be my ‘bridal mermaids’ and gave them each a charm bracelet with a mermaid on it when I asked. Why? I'm kind of obsessed with manatees, and they're called "mermaids of the ocean.” - Mary, NY 

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Bestie Montage
“I texted each friend a Google Slides photo slideshow of us over the years, set to a song that reminded me of our friendship. The last slide said 'Will you be my bridesmaid?'" - Alex, NJ

“I asked my bridesmaids during Easter time, so I sent each a plastic egg with a handwritten request inside. Oh...and I also sent around a collage I made on Photoshop, with all of them 'standing' at the venue, and their heads Photoshopped onto the dresses I had picked out for them." - Marla, NY  

Cute and Classic
“I sent a pretty card with a scratch-off heart to each bridesmaid. When you took a coin to the glittery heart, it revealed the message ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ Then I wrote a heartfelt personal note inside.” - Emma, SC

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Memory Lane
“I sent each of my bridesmaids a vintage-inspired ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ card that included the oldest picture that I could find of the two of us placed inside it.” - Nadia, NJ

Gummy Goals
“I got a custom card made with Sugarfina boxes. The actual ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ boxes were unavailable at the time so I chose a theme that fit each bridesmaid's personality.  (e.g., my SIL used to have a pet pig, so I got her pig gummies!).” - Marguerite, NY 

Beauty Boxes
“I made each bridesmaid a Kiehl’s/Korean face mask gift box, wrote them a nice, long letter and mailed it to their houses.” - Grace, NY

Keep It Simple
“I sent a group text...” - Anna, NY


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