3 Cheers for This Bridal Shop That Put Its Mannequin in a Wheelchair

We could all use a little positive news today, right? Let's start with this headline out of Bristol, England: The White Collection, a new-to-town wedding shop recently redid their seasonal window displays...and put their mannequin in a wheelchair.

After local resident Beth Wilson took to Twitter to share the refreshing message of inclusivity, the post soon went viral."It shouldn't be exciting," captioned Wilson, "but it's the first time I've ever seen disability portrayed in a shop window."Many brides responded by posting photos of their own wedding day in a wheelchair.

As shop owner Laura Allen later shared with TODAY Style, the boutique "certainly didn't expect (it) to get the attention that it has, but we have loved the positive comments from passersby and hope it means that one day things like this are just the norm." Amen!