We have a soft spot for cute small towns and rolling countrysides, but there’s something to be said for big, bustling cities. And if you ask us, even concrete jungles can be drop-dead gorgeous. Here are the 15 most stunning cities around the globe.

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beautiful city barcelona
TomasSereda/Getty Images

Barcelona, Spain

We’re head over heels for Gaudí’s whimsical architecture, the medieval Gothic quarter and the sprawling Mediterranean coastline.

beautiful city sanfran
Spondylolithesis/Getty Images

San Francisco, California

From the hilly streets with bay views to the Golden Gate cloaked in fog, San Fran proves the West Coast might be the best coast.

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beautiful city rome
Fazon1/Getty Images

Rome, Italy

What we’d give to be drinking wine and eating spaghetti carbonara in an ancient Roman piazza right now...

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beautiful city vancouver
Danbreckwoldt/Getty Images

Vancouver, Canada

Urban sophistication meets the great outdoors in this British Columbia metropolis. Definitely worth a visit if you’ve never been.

beautiful city paris
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beautiful city kyoto
Ferrantraite/Getty Images

Kyoto, Japan

It’s hard not to be enamored by Kyoto’s tradition wooden machiya houses, golden pagodas and towering bamboo forests.

beautiful city porto
SeanPavonePhoto/Getty Images

Porto, Portugal

Often overlooked by Lisbon, this charming city in northern Portugal is like a fairy tale. Crayola-colored houses on steep cobblestone streets that overlook the Douro River? Sign us up.

beautiful city rio
Microgen/Getty Images

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

We’d be perfectly happy spending the rest of our lives on Ipanema Beach with a caipirinha in hand.

beautiful city bruges
RudyBalasko/Getty Images

Bruges, Belgium

This preserved medieval town is famous for its chocolate and beer. Consider us sold.

beautiful city cartagena
DC_Colombia/Getty Images

Cartagena, Colombia

From the walled city with its colorful colonial buildings to the palm-tree-lined beaches of Bocagrande, this South American city has it all.

beautiful city morocco
Antonel/Getty Images

Chefchaouen, Morocco

You can search the whole ocean, but you’ll never find a more beautiful shade of blue.

beautiful city queensland
KevinXiong/Getty Images

Queenstown, New Zealand

In this adventure capital of the world, summers are for boating in Lake Wakatipu and winters are for skiing the snowcapped Southern Alps.

beautiful city venice
RudyBalasko/Getty Images

Venice, Italy

Smells like fish; looks like heaven.

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beautiful city ny
Luke Abrahams/Getty Images

Manhattan, New York

The allure of the Big Apple is in its diversity. From busy avenues scattered with skyscrapers to tree-lined streets dotted with brownstones, there’s nowhere quite like NYC.

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beautiful city capetown
JohanSjolander/Getty Images

Cape Town, South Africa

Mother nature did some pretty great work here. Just wait until you see the panoramic views from the top of Table Mountain.

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