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14 Things to Do in New York This Weekend (That Will Look Good on Instagram)

So many photogenic foods, so little time.

Eat at Smorgasburg

Brooklyn's best outdoor food market is back, and remains popular as ever, thanks to a yearly addition of new vendors. Here's what's new at Smorgasburg, from spaghetti doughnuts to steak tartare. (Via Thrillist).

Go on a Day Hike (No Car Required)

Hop on a train or bus to one of these stunning hikes within two hours of NYC and you’ll be channeling your inner mountaineer in no time.

Boozy Brunch

A New York classic. Whether you’re looking for a little hair of the dog, an endless mimosa-filled birthday party or just a really good deal on some food and drinks at 2 p.m. on a Sunday, consult this guide to every single boozy brunch in Manhattan(Via Thrillist).

Try a Hip New Workout

While we love our reliable neighborhood yoga spot, sometimes we need something industrial strength to really hit the reset button. Here are three new studios where bad vibes don’t stand a chance.

Score Cheap Designer Clothing at a Thrift Shop

New York City is home to a staggering array of thrift shops, ranging from intimate vintage boutiques to massive warehouses with antique and gently used furniture. For people who are a bit wary of the whole “someone else wore this before me” exchange, there are even thrift shops that exclusively sell items that have never been used. (Via Thrillist).

Transport Yourself to Another Time (Really)

When we’re not getting distracted by modern comforts like Uber, Hulu and the Whole Foods salad bar, we like to get in touch with the New York City of the past. And the best way to do that is by paying a visit to a spot that hasn’t changed since the Eisenhower administration. Here are five of our favorites.


Gather Your Hungriest Friends For a Taco Pizza Party

Yes, you read that correctly. This This massive taco pizza combines queso Oaxaca, carne asada, chipotle asada, and a solid heaping of cheese on top of pizza dough. Once the pizza is cooked, a myriad of taco varieties are piled on the outer rim of the pizza. To finish it all off, guacamole and sour cream are added to the center of the pie for easy dipping access. (Via Thrillist).

Visit a Famous NYC Movie Spot

The longer you live in this city, the less and less exciting those “Film Shoot” permits get—who cares if George Clooney’s trailer’s up there? You were planning on parking here. But hey, can you blame screenwriters for wanting to capture this gorgeous skyline? And actually, some of these classic cinematic sites are actually worth checking out. 


Get Some Quiet Time at an Independent Bookshop

In an era when some of the city’s most beloved shops are closing, and Amazon is (very ironically) opening a bookstore in NYC, it’s never been more important to support the independent shops where New Yorkers still read. The next time you're looking to add to your library, hit up one of these indie bookstores(Via Thrillist).

Treat Yourself (and Your Instagram) to a Unicorn Latte

Once upon a time, no-nonsense New Yorkers wouldn’t be caught dead drinking anything fancier than a bodega coffee. Fast-forward to 2017, and we’re unabashedly obsessed with green juice, bone broth and matcha. (Go figure.) Now NYC might be home to the most whimsical elixir of all: the Unicorn Latte.


Go to a Museum (for the Food)

In recent years, museums all over town have revamped their food offerings to match the caliber of the art they house, many with help from recognizable names in food and hospitality. From a wine bar with seafood small plates to an Indian restaurant paired with Indian art, these are the best restaurants inside NYC's museums(Via Thrillist).

Eat French Fries

Nothing against gnocchi (or vodka), but in our opinion, the humble potato only achieves its true potential when fried to a golden crisp. Here are the ten best places in NYC to get fries, from fast food-style to fancy-pants. Pass the ketchup.


Eat Avocado

Specifically, avocado at an all-avocado bar. Avocaderia is now open inside Industry City’s food hall in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Here, you can get (allegedly) healthy avocado-based dishes, ranging from the expected sandwiches and lunch bowls to more over-the-top things like avocado-inspired Egyptian Duqqa: a dip combining nuts, herbs, spices, and now, avocado! (Via Thrillist).

Eat Tacos

Calories consumed on the weekend don't count, right? In this city, there’s truly a taco for everyone: from Oaxacan spicy pork and Middle Eastern-influenced adobada to exhaustively researched al pastor and special occasion-status duck carnitas. These are the very best tacos in NYC(Via Thrillist).