Say hello to a Seinfeld museum, a secret garden and a slew of new Citi Bike stations. (And a miserable heat wave, but you knew that.)


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Citi Bike Boom

Whether you’re a card-carrying member of the blue bike mafia or think the stations are an eyesore, you have to admit that Citi Bike has changed the transit landscape in New York. Now, the bike share has plans for a major expansion, including its first presence in the Bronx and more coverage in Brooklyn and Queens. (Notably, the expansion will finally make the service available to more working-class New Yorkers, something the company has been criticized for not addressing sooner.) Keep an eye out for those shiny new two-wheelers to start appearing in the next three and a half years.

atlas obscura forgotten garden party
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The Secret Garden…Party

Did you know that just north of the city is a hidden 43-acre park complete with classical architecture, a traditional Persian garden and sweeping Hudson River views? Yep, Untermyer Park was once considered one of the most beautiful gardens in the world…and then later, after it had fallen into neglect, was the site of some macabre cult rituals. See the mysterious site for yourself at Atlas Obscura’s The Great Forgotten Garden Party, an outdoor gala inspired by the garden’s storied past, Sunday, July 28, from 5 to 10 p.m. Dress in appropriately festive attire to explore the grounds, see live music and dance performances, and picnic as you watch the sun set over the Hudson.

the turks inn restaurant nyc
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Istanbul via Wisconsin via Bushwick

If you’ve strolled through Bushwick recently, you may have noticed a quirky-looking spot that looks like it was transported from another place and time. Well, that’s because it sorta was: The Turk’s Inn, a beloved Wisconsin supper club that operated from 1934 to 2014, has been resurrected in Brooklyn, complete with kitschy throwback decor, a rooftop and the original neon sign. The Turkish-inspired menu features dishes like halloumi and cheddar bites with Ottoman spice, lamb ribs with green tomato chutney and Turkish baked Alaska (retro!), plus creative cocktails. The building also includes a doner kebab takeout counter and a music venue, The Sultan Room.

seinfeld apartment
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A Pop-Up About Nothing

Seinfeld turned 30 this month (the show, not the man), so it comes as no surprise, really, that a hyper-specific pop-up museum had to follow. The Seinfeld Experience will open in Gramercy this fall and will include set re-creations, memorabilia, costumes, never-before-released content, yada yada yada. Keep an eye on the website to find out when tickets go on sale. (And wear your puffy shirt, obviously.)

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An Excuse to Spend a Day Indoors

You don’t need us to tell you that we’re in the midst of a suffocating heat wave, with temps expected to climb close to the 100-degree mark tomorrow. (Ugh.) Fortunately for everyone, there are plenty of excellent—and air-conditioned—museum exhibits to check out right now. A few of our favorites: Camp: Notes on Fashion at the Met (and if you can stand a little sun, Alicja Kwade’s installation in the roof garden); New-York Historical Society’s spotlight on six female photographers who shot for LIFE magazine during its heyday; and a survey of LGBTQ+ artists at the Brooklyn Museum.

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