5 Reasons You Need to Check Out the New and Improved Silver Lake Reservoir

Now there’s a new reason to hang out in Silver Lake besides schmancy coffee bars and hipsters: a just-unveiled pedestrian walkway—right on the reservoir. Here’s why you need to head to this game-changing green space pronto, for a solo jog or a leisurely walkabout with Ace (whether that’s your Whoodle or your toddler).

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Hello, water

Before the national mandate that all drinking water reservoirs be enclosed to prevent contamination (now the potable water’s been moved to underground tanks), before that ugly “shade balls” interlude and before the whole damn cement ditch was drained, the new South Dam Walkway was prophesied. A 2000 master plan dictated that the reservoir would have a pedestrian path encircling the lake. Nearly 20 years later, you can finally stroll waterside all the way around the park. No cars. No bikes. No worries.

There’s ample parking

It’s an epidemic in this city—so many great trails, so few parking spaces. Trails like Studio City’s Fryman Canyon, Malibu’s Escondido Falls and Hollywood’s Runyon have tiny car areas that evoke a Trader Joe’s parking-lot snarl more than a chill prelude to a relaxing nature bath. But Silverlake Reservoir has lots of residential side-street parking where, as long as your car is locked and you’re in and out in a couple hours, parking is golden.

There’s dreamy architecture

If you get bored of enjoying the soothing breezes across the water and wandering through the old-growth redwoods, gaze across Silverlake Boulevard to the glam residences of various styles: Here a Tudor, there a colonial and most impressively, a clutch of modernist masterpieces, including the Neutra-designed VDL House, which holds Saturday tours.

Hello, wide paths

We’re done with getting caught in a single-file line between loud talkers, which we get enough of at TJ’s (see above). On a first-weekend visit, we found roomy walkways that weren’t yet clogged with Athleta-wearing hordes. So get there fast.

Go barefoot in the park

We love the Meadow, a three-acre “quiet space” where signs encourage you to take your shoes off and dogs aren’t allowed (i.e., you can take your shoes off). Our advice: Head back to your car post-walk/jog and settle into the grass with a blanket, sammie and nice sangria tastefully concealed in an eco-friendly aluminum water bottle. Silverlake will seem even more chill.

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