8 Very Miami Things We Can’t Wait to Do When All This Is Over

As COVID-19 vaccines begin to roll out worldwide, we can’t help but be optimistic for the new year. After all, most of us saw our 2020 plans sidetracked (or straight up destroyed) right before our eyes. And we’re not just talking about the big things like weddings and graduations—even activities like brunch with our out-of-town BFFs, monthly manicures and group exercise classes went out the window. But now there’s light at the end of the tunnel and when things finally go back to normal, here’s what we’ll be doing ASAP.

10 Socially Distanced Things to Do in West Palm Beach

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1. enjoy A Leisurely Meal

We know it sounds so simple, but think about it: When was the last time you comfortably enjoyed a meal at a restaurant? One of the first things we’re doing once we feel safe is heading straight to our favorite spot, ordering a crisp glass of wine and indulging in a gourmet burger. (Not sure where to go? Here are a few ideas.)

2. Drive down to Key West

Since the details on who will get the vaccine and when are still a little hazy, it might be a while before you can take that long-haul trip you’ve been dreaming of. Luckily, a drive south to Key West is quick and no-fuss, making it the ideal getaway for as soon as we get our jab. It doesn’t hurt that this island town was named one of the best destinations to visit last year. Once you’re there, treat yourself to a luxury stay at a hotel, find the nearest Ernest Hemingway-inspired bar, and order yourself an Old Fashioned.

3. Book a group exercise class

Hey, we deserve a little credit: We were a pretty active bunch in 2020 considering the dumpster fire that it was. But we can’t say we’re sorry to ditch the living room floor workout once and for all. See you at Barry’s Bootcamp. Or RedBike. Or the Fit Shop. Or all of the above.

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Photo courtesy of Vanity Projects

4. schedule A Nail Appointment

Let’s just say our nails have, well, seen better days. That’s why at the top of our list is scheduling a manicure at Vanity Projects with our bestie. The NYC import is sleek, ultra-modern and very cool, and the nail art is beyond impressive (think everything from leopard print to marble to tiny roses). We’ll enjoy a boozy brunch with our BFFs first and then hit the salon for a much-needed catch-up (sans masks).

5. Roam a museum

We can’t believe we’re about to admit this, but we don’t remember the last time we visited one of our museums. Eek. So while everyone else is at the beach, consider this a great time to brush up on your art (and science) history at Perez Art Museum Miami, Vizcaya, Frost Science and the Bass Museum. Look at you, all cultural.

the spa at the miami beach edition hotel
Photo courtesy of the Spa at the Miami Beach Edition Hotel 

6. spend A Day At The Spa

We think we can all agree that it’s been too long since we’ve treated ourselves. Oh, how we’ve missed the Spa at the Miami Beach Edition Hotel. We can’t wait to wind down on a plush white sofa in the spa’s dimly lit lounge before being whisked away for the resort’s signature Model Behavior facial, which includes a fruit-acid cleanse, a vitamin C boost and a brightening oxygen spray, all guaranteed to keep your skin glowing for days (seriously necessary now that we’ll be seeing people IRL and not via Zoom).

7. Knock down some pins, ice skate and dance the night away

While we can’t be certain exactly when nightclubs will reopen, when they do, we know exactly where we’re going first. Basement, a hidden spot below the Miami Beach Edition that’s part nightclub, bowling alley, and ice skating rink—all in one. They’ve traded pizza and smelly shoes for a swanky, neon-lit bowling and skating experience you never knew existed. Yep, it doesn’t get any cooler than this.

8. Hang out at our next-door wine bar

We’re never one to turn down a glass of crisp Sauvignon Blanc. Or a fruity Malbec. Or a chilled rosé. Which is why we’re determined to make up lost time by visiting all of our favorite neighborhood wine bars, which boast tasty eats and charming ambience to boot. A glass a day keeps the doctor away, right? (And we plan on being so close to the person next to us, we’re sitting on their jacket.)

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