Miami-Dade Beaches Are Open—Here’s Everything You Need to Know to Enjoy Them Safely

Great news: After more than two and a half months of being closed, Miami-Dade beaches are finally open. But before you head to the water and lather on our favorite mineral-based sunscreen, take a moment to make sure you know our city’s new rules for enjoying the sun and the sand.

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1. Don’t: Gather in groups larger than 10 people

You may not be able to host a blow-out celebration on the sand to make up for your quarantined birthday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t gather with a few close family members or friends (so long as everyone is comfortable and healthy). Beaches across Miami-Dade will be open to sun tanners, swimmers and loungers in groups less than 10. While the county expects this to change as it moves through its phased plan, 10 is the magic number for now.

2. Do: Bring a face covering (just in case)

Though beachgoers aren’t required to wear a mask at all times—unless social distancing is not possible—officials are requiring everyone to have a mask readily available. (Hmm, maybe it’s time to buy that bedazzled face covering after all.)

3. Don’t: Bring Fido (or any other pet)

Hey, don’t blame us—we’re just the messenger. The county is forbidding dogs and other pets at the beach until further notice.

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4. Do: Jog and walk along the boardwalks

Get your sweat on with a leisurely walk, quick jog or long-distanced run along any of the boardwalks. Similar to tanning or swimming, masks aren’t required unless socially distancing is not possible. Make sure to keep a face covering in your pocket just in case.

5. Don’t: Play sports or hang at beach playgrounds

Just like bringing your pup to the beach, organized or group activities aren’t permitted until further notice too. That includes sports such as volleyball, football, soccer, frisbee and paddle ball. This also includes any social gatherings within beach parks, picnic pavilions and playgrounds. (Sorry parents, we feel your pain.)

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6. Do: Act like a tourist and enjoy the sun and sand

It’s no secret that hanging at the beach looks different right now—and probably will for some time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t responsibly enjoy one of Miami’s most prized gems. Think of the bright side: Beaches are never this quiet. Play tourist for the day and choose one of the many beaches that are now open in Miami-Dade, including Miami Beach, Surfside, Bal Harbour Village, Sunny Isles Beach, Key Biscayne and beyond. (Beaches are also open in Broward and Palm Beach counties with similar restrictions.)

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