Now's the Time to Book That Trip to Asia (for About $500)

The bustle (and beaches) of Bangkok. The street food of Seoul. The Blade Runner-esque architecture of Singapore. The wonders of Asia are waiting for you and cost less than you think, with flights from LAX clocking in at about $500. The secret is to use budget flight aggregators such as Kayak and check out last-minute deals on Justfly, especially if you're flexible on flight dates and times (and don't expect to alter your ticket after purchase). And there's more: Budget airline AirAsia has announced a West Coast debut in the not-too-distant future. In other words, there's never been a better time to hop across the Pacific.

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$519 To Singapore On United

Futuristic gardens reclaimed from the sea, whizzing public transport and an affluent population make this island nation seem like Westworld IRL. Be sure to contemplate reality with a Singapore Sling cocktail where it was invented, at the Raffles Hotel Long Bar.

wat po

$562 To Bangkok On Air China

From the ornate temples of Wat Po in Bangkok to the beachy islands to the south (including the sea stack nicknamed James Bond Island), Thailand is a sensory overload—in the best way possible.

Timothy Ries/Unsplash

$388 To Seoul On Xiamen Airlines

Load up on the world’s best street food including spicy rice cakes, sweet pancakes, seaweed rice rolls and chicken skewers, then hop a two-hour train to PyeongChang, the so-called Korean Alps and site of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Ade Russell/Flickr

$376 To Beijing On Sichuan Air

Modern wonders (hello, Bird’s Nest stadium) vie for your attention with the Forbidden City and the Great Wall.

hong kong
Jason Cooper/Unsplash

$319 To Hong Kong On Hong Kong Airlines

You'll want to take in the gorgeous scenery of the Happy Valley Racecourse (a vestige of Britishness in this former colony) as well as the giant hilltop Buddha watching over a monastery.