The 15 Best Places to Visit in September 2022, According to Travel Experts

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Fewer crowds, cheaper flights and hotel and rental deals that just can’t be ignored, traveling in September might just be one of the best times of year to book that dream vacation. "A lot of times, September has great deals because people just did a lot of those vacations either in the summer or do those types of things over the winter months or spring break," says Heidi Bloomer, travel coach at Kaanect Travel. "There's just so much you can do, especially that time of year where everybody kind of thinks it's the off-season," adds Andrea Ross, founder and CEO of Kaanect Travel. "But for some of these places, it's the best time to go."

Here's our list of the best places to visit in September to score great deals, skip the crowds and get your wanderlust on.

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best places to visit september grand canyon
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1. Grand Canyon, Arizona

Why visit in September? Less busy, cooler weather, serene landscapes

In September, you can still enjoy the breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon's dusty red layers, but you'll miss the notorious summer crowds on the South Rim and freezing winter weather.

Plus, you can still access the North Rim before it closes for the winter if you want to hike all the corridor trails. Bloomer suggests visiting the West Rim in September for more untouched nature and beautiful photo ops without interruptions. This area is operated by the Hualapai Reservation and has a glass Skywalk and stunning views from Guano Point.

best places to visit september whitefish
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2. Whitefish, Montana

Why visit in September? Less busy, mild weather, serene landscapes

Whitefish is a northern Rocky Mountain town about 25 minutes from the emerald peaks of Glacier National Park that offers hiking, quaint shops, art galleries, and huckleberry treats.

"Most of the crowds go up to Glacier in June through August, so September is a perfect time because it's super serene and has good weather for hiking," says Bloomer.

Bloomer notes Whitefish is a popular vacation destination for travelers and Montana natives, so visiting in September means you miss the tourism boom that comes from both directions—aka no fighting crowds to take in the Montana scenery if you hike Glacier's Avalanche Lake and Apgar Lookout.

best places to visit september savannah
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3. Savannah, Georgia

Why visit in September? Cooler weather, travel deals, seasonal festivals

"Over the past couple of years–and including even during COVID–Savannah, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina, have really upped their game when it comes to food, service, and hotel options," says Bloomer. "And people are loving that area in the fall, especially for a quick girl's getaway."

The September is still steamy (it’s the South, people), temperatures start to drop toward the end of the month, making a more comfortable time to tour the Historic District’s18th-century homes, and follow it up by sipping cocktails at a roof-top bar on River Street.

Forsyth Park also hosts the Savannah Jazz Festival in September, so you can enjoy music while you stroll the towering oak trees dripping with Spanish moss.

best places to visit september charleston
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4. Charleston, South Carolina

Why visit in September? Cooler weather, less busy, seasonal festivals and nature

Like its sister city Savannah, Charleston offers slightly cooler weather and fewer crowds in September. Great for snapping pictures at Rainbow Row's bright 18th-century homes, strolling Waterfront Park for views of the Charleston Harbor, or getting reservations at some of the most popular restaurants.

The end of September is also when tea bushes start to bloom at the Charleston Tea Garden. "It's beautiful, but it still has really nice nightlife, as well as just amazing food, so it's an alternative to Nashville or Austin," says Bloomer.

best places to travel in september orlando florida
Don Riddle/Four Seasons

5. Orlando, Florida

Why visit in September? Travel deals, seasonal foodie events, fewer crowds

Orlando is a foodie paradise in September during its Magical Dining Month, which offers three-course, prix-fixe dinners at popular restaurants across the city. If you're a Disney World fan, the park is still hosting its Food and Wine Festival at Epcot too.

"Orlando is one of the cheapest places in the United States to get a house rentals," says Bloomer. "You can get like a seven-bedroom, seven-bathroom house, with a pool for $250 a night that's ten minutes from Disney."

But if you want to do Disney in fabulous style, look to the Four Seasons Orlando at Walt Disney World, where you can start your day with breakfast with Goofy and friends and end it at The Spa's new state-of-the-art Somadome capsule for immersive meditation. (And if you book your stay 30 days before your trip, you can save up to 20 percent off on your room rate.)

September is also a great time to avoid summer crowds and deal with slightly less humidity. Just note it is hurricane season, so you'll be rolling the dice on the weather.

or hotels near Disney

best places to visit september santorini
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6. Santorini, Greece

Why visit in September? Less busy, warm weather

September on the volcanic island of Santorini means you bypass the summer cruise crowds, but still get the warm weather that’s imperative to enjoy the surrounding the brilliant blue southern Aegean Sea. "If you go after September 10, you automatically get rid of all of that cruise busyness that comes into those ports every day," says Bloomer. "And actually, it's even more enjoyable because it's not as hot as the dead of summer on those islands."

best places to visit september cinque terre
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7. Cinque Terre, Italy

Why visit in September? Travel deals, less busy, cooler weather

The best way to explore these five fishing villages perched on the scenic cliffs of the Italian Riviera is by hiking from village to village. Spend a couple of days trekking the 8 or so miles, stopping at each town along your way as you take in the turquoise waters from the rocky hillsides full of pastel buildings, fantastic food and wine. But it's not cheap and can be very crowded during the peak summer season. "The multi-coast region can be expensive, but Cinque Terre and Florence have had prices come down," says Bloomer. Besides a good hotel or flight deal, traveling during the shoulder season of September offers cooler temperatures and smaller crowds, both factors that make hiking the trails or lounging at the beaches far more enjoyable.

best places to visit september barcelona
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8. Barcelona, Spain

Why visit in September? Warm weather, travel deals, seasonal festivals

You start to see more hotel and flight deals in September since it's part of Barcelona's off-season. That said, you can still have your paella with a glass of rose while soaking up the sun around the beaches of La Barceloneta. Plus, with the extensive list of the Catalonian city’s must-see attractions, from Gaudi’s architectural wonders, including the bustling La Sagrada Família, to foodie heaven that is La Boqueria, September brings a calmer energy to busy attractions on your bucket list. Not to mention festivities like La Mercè, celebrating the city's patron saint with parades, street performances and fireworks, and the BAM music festival around the same week if you want to jam to indie, electronic and pop music.

best places to visit september cabo
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9. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Why visit in September? Less busy, warm weather, travel deals

September is still hurricane season for this beach paradise, but it's one of the best times to score flight deals and avoid crowds if you need a beach escape. You'll still have steamy Mexico weather, but that's not too bad if you're snorkeling with tropical fish in the calm turquoise water of the Sea of Cortez. "Last year, we went to Cabo in September, and it was absolutely perfect," says Ross. "We did some diving, we stayed in a villa there, and it was just such a great escape."

best places to visit in september turks caicos
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10. Turks And Caicos Islands

Why visit in September? Less busy, travel deals, warm weather

"Turks and Caicos has been having some deals, even some all-inclusive deals that I've seen lately for late September and October," says Bloomer. Since it's the off-season, September is one of the best times to snag hotel and excursion deals for snorkeling, sunset cruises, and clear kayak tours. Just note it will still be hot this time of year, and you're trading fewer crowds for hurricane season. But with fewer crowds, it's easy to enjoy the sandy white shores of the iconic Grace Bay Beach in Providenciales. And the sizzling temps will make conch dishes and rum cocktails taste even sweeter.

best places to visit in september costa rica
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11. Caribbean Coast, Costa Rica

Why visit in September? Less busy, travel deals, underrated destinations, seasonal festivals and nature

"You want to go to the Caribbean side, not the Pacific side," says Bloomer. "The weather is completely different in September on those two sides." The Caribbean coastline is underrated and less traveled, but it's the best place to visit in September since it'll have less rain and calmer waters, ideal for relaxing at the Puerto Viejo beaches or hiking at Cahuita National Park. September is also green turtle nesting season. Head over to Tortuguero National Park and see if you can spot the baby green turtles making the voyage from land to sea for the first time. Oh, and if you’re there on September 15, make sure to join in the festivities for Costa Rica's Independence Day.

best places to visit september bangkok
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12. Bangkok, Thailand

Why visit in September? Lush landscapes, warm weather, travel deals

"If I had to narrow down Southeast Asia for September, what I would say to people is go to Thailand and Cambodia," says Ross. "I think those two in September are going to give you the best weather and the best variety in a trip." September is Thailand's rainy season, so it's undesirable to many travelers, but if you can handle some downfall, it also has more hotel deals to attract tourists—and apparently, the rain showers only make the jungles and greenery surrounding sacred sites like the Wat Phra Kaew Temple more vibrant and alive. Worst-case scenario, the rain keeps you in the city center, where you can still enjoy famous Bangkok street food and five-star dining.

best places to visit september siem reap
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13. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Why visit in September? Lush landscapes, warm weather, travel deals

September is part of Cambodia's rainy season, but you'll miss the summer crowds and winter rush. Ross is also finding some decent air travel deals right now for September.

Sure, you'll likely encounter a bit of warm rainfall, but it won’t keep you from visitng the floating villages on Tonlé Sap Kake or the lush greenery surrounding the iconic Angkor Wat temple. "You are literally there when it just feels like the whole region has gotten a fresh coat of paint, and everything is glowing," adds Ross.

best places to visit september bali
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14. Bali, Indonesia

Why visit in September? Less busy, warm weather, travel deals

September is toward the end of Bali's dry season, so you still get the sunny, breezy weather to enjoy the white-sand beaches of Nyang Nyang Beach, explore the 11th-century shrines of Gunung Kawi Temple, or trek to breathtaking waterfalls and lush rice paddies. "In Bali, things are finally opening there [since Covid], and things are definitely cheaper," says Bloomer. "We've been twice before, including in October, so we know the fall is lovely weather." You'll also miss the high-season July and August crowds and winter vacationers from Australia.

best places to visit september abu dhabi
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15. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Why visit in September? Travel deals, less busy

September is part of Abu Dhabi's fall shoulder season, so you're more likely to find hotel and flight deals. If you're ready for a luxurious vacation that mixes the opulent grounds of the Emirates Palace Hotel with the modern Etihad Towers, this is your sign to book.

Fewer crowds also make touring palaces and the Grand Mosque more enjoyable. Abu Dhabi is also only about 90 minutes from Dubai if you want to see more of the United Arab Emirates. The only downside to traveling to UAE in September is it’s typically still pretty hot. Avoid the high midday sun and temps by spending time at art museums, restaurants, bars and boutiques.

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