Here Are the Top 12 Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2022

New year, new us. Just kidding, we’re still plodding through Twitter predictions about the pandemic and constituting “social time” as venting to our golden retriever. But just when it seems the monotony has apexed, we find a little trend that makes us smile, like Y2K-inspired manicures or a giant air-fryer cookie. We’re happy to report that there are plenty of new recipes, outfits, hairstyles and home designs to get excited about this year. Below, 12 trends you’re about to see everywhere in 2022 (all of which pair perfectly with a giant cookie).

5 Wellness Trends Everyone Will Be Trying in 2022

1. Scrap Cooking

The zero-waste movement has inspired “scrap cooking,” or whipping up a meal out of would-be kitchen waste. Home cooks are concocting everything from scrap veggie stock and broccoli stem fried rice to candied citrus peels. The mindful approach calls for cooking with whole ingredients, from seed to stem. So once you’re finished roasting a spaghetti squash, sprinkle those seeds onto a pan and roast them for snacking the next day.

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2. Glitter, Sequins And Sparkles

Remember rolling body glitter onto your shoulders before a middle school dance? Like everything we cherished in the early 2000s, sparkles will be all over this year (literally--good luck getting them out of your hair). Designers like Tom Ford, Rodarte and Prabal Gurung punctuated their Spring/Summer 2022 collections with shimmering fabrics and sequins fit for a Gatsby-era fete. So when the Covid blues creep in, go for disco ball eyelids, glitter nails or a sequin shift dress to lift your spirits.

Shop our glittery picks: Essential Antwerp Midi Skirt ($330), Stila Liquid Eyeshadow ($24), Milk Makeup Glitter Stick ($30), Stuart Weitzman Glitter Mules ($450), Antropologie Cropped Vest ($130)

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3. Twee Everything

According to TikTok, the “twee” aesthetic is set to re-enter pop culture this year (or maybe just TikTok culture). In case you’ve forgotten (or were in grade school at the time), Twee is the saccharine hipster style you might find in a Wes Anderson movie, a manic pixie dreamgirl-inspired Tumblr page or the ModCloth website circa 2007. It’s the sartorial equivalent of riding an old-fashioned bicycle through Tompkins Square Park with raspberry thumbprint cookies in tow. Whimsical pieces like frilly socks, polka-dotted sweaters with lace collars, mary janes and thick black spectacles all set the twee tone. And while you’re probably not ready to adopt an entirely quirky wardrobe, you can add a teaspoon of sweetness with some twee activities, like sipping tea from dainty floral cups, reading Alice in Wonderland (a first edition) and embroidering love notes into cloth napkins.

Shop our favorite twee pieces: Rachel Parcell Midi Dress ($250), Sam Edelman Mary Jane ($130), Quinn Dish Towels ($28), Forget Me Not Embroidery Kit ($26), Pelle Polka Dot Folding Chair ($228)

4. Air-fryer Finger Foods

We’re saying it: 2021 was the year of the air fryer. The gadget brought us viral TikTok hits like crispy green beans, accordion potatoes and pasta chips. What’s in store for next year, you ask? As home cooks spend even more time in their kitchens experimenting with air-fryers, we’re getting ready for extra inventive, dippable snacks, like air-fried edamame or artichoke hearts.

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5. Barkitecture

Grab your hardhats. Millennials have gone from buying fancy cat toys and gourmet dog meals to constructing entirely pet-centric wings of our homes. That’s right, barkitecture is hitting the mainstream, with pet parents building out cozy corners of their spaces (or even separate rooms) for their furry companions. Searches for “Luxury cat rooms” have increased threefold on Pinterest and “Dog beds made from furniture” saw an uptick of 4x on the platform. So, after you bring Fluffy breakfast in bed, be sure to tuck him in and turn on Animal Planet.

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6. Rich Chocolate Hair

We’ve been through it these past two years, and so has our hair. Spurred by pandemic boredom, we’ve bleached, waved, crimped, and snipped with abandon. But 2022’s trending hair color is more low-key, signaling a wind down of our wacky coiffing projects. Meet rich chocolate, the hue celebrity hairstylist Clayton Hawkins says we’ll all be craving this year. And with Billie Eilish, Hailey Beiber, Florence Pugh and Dove Cameron already sporting the delicious shade, we wholeheartedly agree. “We’re going into next year wanting our hair to be less artificial, more luxe and organic,” say Hawkins.

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7. Moon Parties

These days, it seems everyone from your co-worker to your aunt Ruth is clued into their sun, moon and rising signs. And while the zodiac serves as brilliant meme fodder, at its core Astrology shows us how we can relate to and reflect nature. So, as we connect more with the stars, it’s no surprise we’re seeing more constellation-themed celebrations in our orbit. This year, Pinterest predicts we’ll be seeing more “moon parties,” from moon-themed birthday bashes to gatherings in tune with the lunar calendar. Quick astrology refresher: the new moon holds space for new beginnings and intentions—the seeds we plant as the light begins to grow. The full moon, on the other hand, represents culmination—the flowers of our creative projects in all their glory. So plan those parties accordingly!

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8. Hibiscus-flavored Everything

According to Whole Foods’ 2022 report, you’ll spot Hibiscus all over grocery stores this year. Making its way into new products like hibiscus kombucha yogurt, hibiscus cider and hibiscus-flavored collagen powder, there are so many ways to enjoy the tart flowering plant. And we certainly don’t mind that it’s packed with antioxidants like vitamin C and beta-carotene.

Shop our top hibiscus treats: Traditional Medicinals Hibiscus Tea ($4.49), Lesser Evil Watermelon Hibiscus Popcorn $3.29), Revive Cherry Hibiscus Sparkling Probiotic ($2.99),

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9. Tech Turn Offs

You finally summon the courage to share a personal story with your new date. But instead of offering words of encouragement, your dinner companion is texting furiously under the table. According to Hinge research, the dating app reports that “90% of users are trying to spend less time on social media, and want their dates to do the same.” The constant scrolling is a major turn off, especially if potential dates can’t break their Insta habit. “78% of Hinge users say it’s a red flag when someone is too into Instagram,” since this indicates a person “may be too self-absorbed and it’s a sign of insecurity,” cites Hinge. Cue us snapping our phone inside a lockbox.

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10. Pointed Slingbacks

If at any moment this year you decide to swap your indoor/outdoor slippers for something more elegant, take pointed slingbacks out for a spin. Perhaps with an oversized blazer and denim or a romantic nap dress. Peeped at Prada, Saint Laurent and Miu Miu shows for Spring/Summer 2022, these babies say “Buy me a drink, I just made partner at my law firm.”

Shop our favorite pointed slingbacks: Anthropologie Vicenza Slingbacks ($160), Manolo Blahnik Carolyne Pumps ($695), Saint Laurent Maike Dream Slingback ($795), Jewel Badgley Mishka Bambi Flat ($89)

11. Gentle Parenting

Who knew TikTok, the platform that brought us ranch pickles and upside-down swimsuits, would be packed with thoughtful parenting advice? Recently, #Parentingtiktok has seen a rise in discussions about gentle parenting: the practice of responding (not reacting) to kids with calm logic, without blaming or bribing. Instead of ordering your 6-year-old to her room after breaking Sister’s toy, this approach encourages parents to make space for conversation: “Let’s talk about what happened,” you might say. Or, “I can tell seeing her with the toy made you upset.” Bottom line: It helps kids feel safer expressing the feelings and getting to the root of disruptive behavior.

12. Champagne Towers

When leafing through our grandparents’ wedding album for inspiration, there are trends we adore (hello, birdcage veils) and others that make us cringe (goodbye, garter toss). One vintage trend brides are borrowing in 2022 is the mighty champagne tower, which is currently making a splash on our Pinterest and Instagram feeds. And we get it: the glamorous pouring station is perfect for snapping action shots (and so beats smashing each other in the face with cake).

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