7 Trends That Will Be Huge in January

New year, new decade, new outlook? Here’s what we’ll be dancing to, dabbling in and debating as we say goodbye to 2019. Cheers to the next Roaring ’20s. 

I Bought the Famous Amazon Coat and It Is Both My Greatest Pride and My Greatest Shame

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1. Pop Queen Comebacks

Is it 2010 or 2020? Like phoenixes rising from the ashes of Bieber-induced heartbreak, harrowing health woes and a court case that captivated the country, both Selena Gomez and Kesha have albums dropping in January. We’ve never been more ready to listen up.  

2. Old-school Sweats

The Kardashian-West family Christmas card was a harbinger of soft, cottony things to come. Oversize sweatshirts, hoodies and sweatpants (we’re talking the kind your dad wore years ago, with cinched elastic ankles and drawstring waistbands) are reaching their cultural apex. Exhibit A: A high-fashion hoodie is the first item you’ll see when you enter the Museum at FIT’s new exhibition, Power Mode: The Force of Fashion. Exhibit B: A Dutch museum has curated a retrospective on the hoodie. And finally, one of Amazon’s best-selling fashion items on Cyber Monday was this Champion sweatshirt. We rest our case—comfortably, we might add. 

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3. Good News

In the spirit of fresh starts and renewed optimism, positivity is trending. Social media accounts that curate happy stories and joyful memes are blowing up. Find uplifting infographics and stats like “U.S. Cancer Survival Rates Are Rising” and “Homicides Are Falling Around the World”  from the research team at Beautiful News Daily. Or join the 2.2 million who are following Tank Sinatra, creator of Tanks Good News.  Happy New Year? Sounds about right. 

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4. Celebrity Diets

January often triggers us to think about a nutritional reset, cleanse or #healthgoals. Celebrities, as ever, are stepping in to offer diet lifestyle advice, competing for our dollars and attention with wellness tours and even frozen-food lines. Beyoncé and Jay-Z continue to make waves with their plant-based 22 Days nutrition plan. J.Lo and A-Rod’s frozen meals for Walmart are in the news. On December 30, Kelly Leveque, nutritionist to Jessica Alba, Chelsea Handler, Jennifer Garner and others, debuts a new cookbook, which promises a “life-changing 21-day path to food freedom.” (Garner wrote the foreword.) And of course, Oprah’s WW-produced 2020 speaking tour kicks off January 4 with special guest Lady Gaga. Oof. Anyone else craving a little Jameela Jamil right about now?

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5. Party Drugs For Mental Health

Will ketamine (a horse tranquilizer) and hallucinogenic magic mushrooms become the new CBD? If you believe the headlines, they just might. Goop has rounded up medical studies on the possible therapeutic benefits of psychedelics. One involved submerging an octopus in a bath infused with MDMA. (Spoiler alert: It made her super social.) Meanwhile Women’s Health and New York Magazine are exploring the use of ketamine, aka “Special K,” to combat depression. (For those unresponsive to other treatment, it can be administered in a doctor-prescribed nasal spray.) As discussion of mental illness becomes increasingly mainstream, drugs once associated with Phish concerts and club kids appear to be the medical community’s new frontier. 

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6. Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston’s Awards Season Interactions

They’re friendly exes and it’s all totally casual. He attends her inner circle birthday and Christmas parties. NBD. That said, the population of planet Earth will be riveted as both members of the former power couple hit the awards circuit in January. Aniston and Pitt (who both happen to be single, if you keep tabs on that sort of thing) are nominated for Golden Globe and SAG awards, with ceremonies taking place January 5 and 19, respectively. Will there be eye contact? Small talk at a tiny cocktail table? Audience-panning reaction shots as each takes the stage? For better or for worse, it’s must-see TV. 

amazon coat

7. Predicting “the New Amazon Coat”

Since the phenomenon of Amazon’s Orolay puffer (its pockets contain multitudes…) and the proliferation of trend pieces that followed, we’re all on coat watch to see which style will go viral this winter. Speculation abounds. And Orolay is getting in on the action, hoping lightning will strike twice with metallic and kids’ versions.  Still, it is time for a successor to take its rightful place as the most popular coat style of all. Our money is on the still-going-strong teddy bear coat. But only time—and face-freezing temps—will tell.