How to Clean Your Computer Screen in Less Than 10 Seconds

how to clean your computer screen

You’re watching This Is Us on your laptop in bed, but instead of being moved to tears by the latest development between Kate and Toby, you keep noticing icky fingerprints. And dust. And some other type of grime that your hand/dogs/kids have left on your screen. Yuck, it’s definitely time to tidy up. Here’s how to clean your computer screen without damaging it.

Grab a soft microfiber cloth (we like Dry Rite, $11) and gently dust off the computer and screen. (Tip: It’s easier to see smudges on a black screen, so turn your computer off first.) Don’t be tempted to use paper towels, toilet paper or tissues to clean your screen, since these products can actually scratch your monitor.

Still staring at a dirty screen? If your device is particularly gross, you can add some water to the cloth. But keep away from of all-purpose cleaners made with acetone or alcohol, since they can take off the screen’s protective coating.

For the exterior of your machine (i.e., not the screen), use a mild all-purpose cleaner or a computer-specific product (like Endust, $18) to get rid of marks. But don’t spray anything directly onto the computer or monitor—it could trickle down into the device and damage it. And for the keyboard, a compressed-gas duster should do the trick.

And that’s it—a gloriously clean monitor and device. Now, back to the Pearson family.

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