Heads Up! Your Synced Facebook Photos Will Be Erased on July 7

This 10-second trick is the fix

For years, you’ve been using Facebook to seamlessly back up all your iPhone pics to a private album. But unless you migrate over to the new Moments app, as of July 7, any photos that have automatically synced from your device (like of your cute baby! or adorbs dog!) will be erased…for good. This ten-second trick will save them all. 

What you do: Open up Facebook on your computer and go to your profile. Then click the Photos tab and open the album labeled Synced From Phone. Click the pics you’d like to rescue from being deleted, choose Options and hit Download. That’s it! 

But what if I have a ton of pics that need saving? Don’t worry--you can download everything at once by going to the Synced From Phone album and clicking the link to download everything at once. (FYI, it will appear as a zip file.)

And if I don’t use Facebook’s Photo Sync option? Any baby pics you’ve uploaded yourself (and shared) are safe.

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