How to Share a Facebook Post with Everyone...Except One Person

Like your boss or your mom

Facebook went from being a safe place where friends could post unflattering photos from last night’s karaoke session…to one where your family members (and boss!) comment on said photos within minutes.

You’ve pretty much stopped posting altogether because you’d prefer not to have the peanut gallery chime in, but sometimes you just want to share. Here, an easy way to block only certain people from seeing your posts without them ever knowing.

What you do: Go to update your status as you normally would. Type your two cents, add your photo (or video) and right before hitting post, click the friends button to the left. This will take you to a drop-down menu. Select more options and then custom. Under don’t share with, add anybody you’d rather not see the post and save your changes.

Boom. Your update will be visible to everyone but them.

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