A Super-Sweet Reason to Create a Gmail Account for Your Newborn

You meant to document every major milestone in the baby book, but in between the sleepless nights and the bottle feedings, it’s been impossible to keep up. Here, a work-around that takes zero effort.

What you do: Visit Gmail and create a new account for your newborn. Then, every time a major moment happens—from your baby’s first smile to the first time she tastes solid food—open up your own inbox and email your newborn a note.

What kind of note? It can be a lengthy letter you draft at work or simply a run-on sentence with the words Sent from my iPhone beneath. The point is that you took two minutes to record how you’re feeling and what went down that day. The best part is you can email as much or as little as you like. (Bonus points if you attach a video or a pic.)

And here’s the coolest part: Every email you send has a date and time stamp, so even if you do it for only your newborn’s first year, your kid will have a diary-like inbox with notes from you (and OK, her dad and grandparents and whomever else you decide to share the account with) that she can pore over later in life. 

Parenting genius? Yeah, we think so. 

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