The Best Pregnancy Apps to Download When You’re Growing a Human

When you’re pregnant, your body and mind are changing so fast, it’s hard to know how to keep up. Why does my back hurt? How big is the fetus? How can I take baby bump pictures that make me look like Chrissy Teigen? Here are six apps that will help get you through the next nine (actually ten) months of your life.

Baby Center. Think of this guy as your comprehensive guide through your pregnancy, week by week. It tracks your baby’s development and your bodily changes with helpful tips and videos that will continue through the first year of life. It also includes a kick counter and a contraction timer, and basically does everything short of coming to your house and rubbing your tired feet.

Baby List. What are you supposed to do when your best friend’s sister stops you at the grocery store and tells you about the wipes warmer you simply must have on your registry? Baby List is an app that lets you add any item from any store at any time—and check things off as people buy them for you.

One Second Everyday. Baby bump pictures are cool, but what if you could see your belly grow in real time? Use this video app to document your bump as it grows, with one pic every day. At the end of your pregnancy, it will compile all of your segments into one short video so you can look back and say, “Did my body really do that?” Yes. Yes, it did.

Baby Names. Choosing the perfect moniker for your tiny tot can be tough. Should you go traditional or choose something a little more unique? Gender-neutral or music-inspired? Don't fret—with this clever app, you have over 30,000 names in the palm of your hand. Literally. You can also browse meanings, pronunciation, origin information and more. Now all you have to worry about is making sure your friends don't steal your number one pick. 

WebMD Pregnancy. You already use WebMD to self-diagnose every bump, pain and mole on your body. WebMD pregnancy will help you chill (or stress) out about your pregnancy symptoms, too. With slideshows, quizzes, videos and doctor-approved articles, this app is all about the science part of growing a human.

Baby Connect. The logistics of having a newborn can be overwhelming. When did he eat? When did he poop? When was the last time he slept because honestly it feels like never and also always? Download this app, which helps you track every second of your newborn’s life, in your third trimester to have on hand when the baby arrives. Then get back to stressing about those Braxton Hicks contractions.

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