The Heartbreaking Reason Queen Elizabeth Keeps Her Christmas Decorations Up 'Til February

We scoff at the overeager neighbors when we see their Christmas tree laying on the curb on December 26. But Queen Elizabeth would have a meltdown.

Her Royal Highness is guilty of leaving up her Sandringham decorations until February, but it’s not because, like us, she doesn’t have the time (or willpower) to get around to stripping the ornaments off the tree. It’s also not because—fun fact—her relatives started the tradition of having a tree inside your home entirely

According to Hello!, there’s actually a really sweet and sentimental reason that she leaves her country estate’s Christmas decor up long past Kate and Williams elaborate Kensington Palace decor.

Queen Elizabeth’s dad, King George VI, passed away on February 6. To honor his memory, Her Majesty lets the tree lights sparkle until the anniversary of his death. 

Someone pass us our stocking. We need to quell our emotions with some Christmas chocolate.

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