Forget Salad: This Whole Foods Is Opening a Macaroni-and-Cheese Bar

macandcheese hero

If the Whole Foods salad bar is your idea of lunch nirvana, we have a thrilling announcement. The newest Whole Foods location in Denver will also include a mac-and-cheese bar, and we are…Here. For. It.

Set to open in mid-November, the Denver Union Station Whole Foods will have not one but multiple varieties of your favorite comfort food. The menu will include (among others) pulled-pork barbecue mac and cheese, roasted tomato mac and cheese, and vegan mac and cheese. That means mac and cheese for everyone and every occasion. And if you’re more of an artistic type, the bar will have a customizable option just for you.

See you in Denver. We’ll bring a suitcase full of spoons, napkins and drawstring pants.

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