‘Westworld’ Post-Credits Scene Teases Another Theme Park (& Maeve’s Whereabouts)

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*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Last night’s season three premiere of Westworld dropped several bombshells. While we’re extremely curious about the show’s newest character, Caleb (Aaron Paul), we couldn’t help but notice that HBO teased the possibility of another theme park during a post-credits scene.

After the episode aired, the network showed never-before-seen footage of Maeve (Thandie Newton), who was noticeably missing during the season three premiere. (Don’t get us started…)

The scene shows Maeve, who is surprised to find herself dressed in what appears to be ’30s or ’40s attire. She looks around only to discover a gun in her hand and two male hostages—one dead on the floor, the other gagged and tied to a chair. (Classy.)

When Maeve looks out the window, she sees a small European village full of military convoys and swastika banners.

Yes, we have a million questions about Maeve’s whereabouts, but we can only assume she’s operating in a new theme park. In the beginning of the scene, Maeve appears to “wake up” as if she’s been activated by someone in the control room, similar to how the Hosts were treated in Westworld.

At the end of season two, Maeve was in the hands of Delos (Westworld’s parent company), so we wouldn’t be surprised if they reprogrammed her for another theme park. Although we don’t know what it means for the character, we just hope that Maeve plays a much larger role in the upcoming episodes. *Crosses fingers*

Westworld returns to HBO next Sunday, March 22.


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