Here’s What Meghan Markle’s ‘Suits’ Co-star Had to Say About Her Relationship with Husband Prince Harry

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It appears that Meghan Markle still has a protective father figure in Wendell Pierce after all.

During the 77th annual Tony Awards on Sunday, June 16, in New York, the 60-year-old actor, who’s known for playing hard-hitting attorney Robert Zane and father of Rachel Zane (aka: Markle) on the hit television show Suits, revealed in an interview with People that he saw his previous co-star with husband Prince Harry a year ago and she was “very much in love.”

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“When [Meghan] came into town, she got an award last year, had a chance to say hello and wish she and Prince Harry well and wish the children well. They look very much in love and were very happy, so that's the most important thing,” Pierce told People.

The Tony Award winner continued reminiscing on his time on the show, saying that working with Markle was “a blast,” and that he has since met up with his fictional daughter “a few times” since the series wrapped. “I've gotten to see her just a few times since, and we've been able to reminisce and so it's real, we have fond memories of working together.”

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Pierce’s sentiments come as the duke and duchess recently celebrated a 6th anniversary together, and shortly after they were photographed on a trip to Nigeria in May where the couple were seen smiling from ear to ear and holding hands the entire time—a visual testament to the Suits star’s words.

As a long-time fan of the legal drama who’s binged all of the nine seasons more times than I’d like to admit, nothing makes me happier than seeing a once Robert Zane gush about his fellow colleague.

Now, here’s to wishing they both make a cameo on the highly anticipated spin-off, though I’ll also take an on-screen OG Suits reunion, too, or anything for that matter.

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